Volunteering <3


This is how I look now after one week of “controlling” my food intake. Weird. But I don’t feel bad for not eating too much. Sometimes, I miss the chocolates and ice cream and the polvorons, but I gotta do what I gotta do. The doctor said it’s not really a cause for worrying, not exactly a GERD alarm, but probably an irritated tummy. I even had my stool checked- because the paranoid in me cannot be convinced – and it turned out negative on the presence of blood!

Today marks my first year of being a Volunteer!

In case you haven’t seen my previous posts yet, I am a volunteer for Loveyourselfph. It’s a community of volunteer that spreads awareness about HIV/AIDS through various programs including (but not limited to) education, free testing/screening and counseling.

It was a year filled with fun memories, newfound friends and a lot of challenges. I look back in my posts with #DayreVolunteer and I know I’ve grown and learned a lot – both from the clients and my co-volunteers.

Now I’m already part of the recruitment team, tasked to interview applicants who also want to join the organization.

How long will I be staying here?

For as long as they need me. And until they find that HIV cure, I guess? I’m keeping the passion burning.

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