the Day I Went to the Emergency Room (AGAIN)

I found myself in the Emergency Room last Sunday night. ‘Twas because of a severe pain in my stomach that I’ve felt last Friday.

Okay, here’s a blow by blow:

So I went to the province early Friday morning without taking breakfast and pooping. Along the way, I felt the need to poop and since I was still a few kilometers away from the next stop, I just had to think weird thoughts to somehow “manage” that feeling.

Luckily, I was able to do so and escaped a possible disaster.

After that, the tummy felt weird. Something ached in the left side. I don’t know how to explain it, but, it’s like when I do a “stomach in, chest out” I would feel that there was some pain. I dismissed it and thought it could’ve been because of the trying not to poop moment I had earlier.

And you’ve probably seen my previous posts about food – my brothers’ birthdays and the Saturday buffet, you’d know that I subjected my poor tummy to rigorous action over the weekend.

Then came Sunday. After watching Anabelle Creation and eating a Bento, I felt that the tummy pain was a bit more intense than before. I felt it in every step, it was that painful that I had to rush to the ER to have it checked.

And voila, I spent four hours there. The doctor had to examine it, and then they gave me a medication (passed through my vein and they put a hole on my left hand lol). I was asking to have it removed but they said it had to stay because they needed to have a line or a point of entry in case I might need another dose of medication. It was too painful and really annoying. They also took blood and urine samples, and after the long wait, the doctor said I had GERD (Gastresophageal Reflux Disease). Well, she said I also had to do a follow up check up with a Gastroenterologist , but she prescribed some medications which were all soooooooo expensive. She also gave a list of food that I shouldn’t eat or at least avoid – and boy, oh boy, did my heart drop.

Fatty and Spicy Food

Milk and Dairy Products

Tomato And Other Tomato Based Products

Coffee, Tea, Softdrinks and other caffeinated drinks

And the worst of it all…..



Why meeeeee???

Now I’m on my second day of “dieting” and I feel so sad that this is happening haha.

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