FOOD : Cafe Eight

So, what’s the Tee you guys?

My friends urged me to try these nail polish (gel like whatever, I don’t do #DayreBeauty so sorry lol). So anyway, they were shopping at Beauty Bar and I was waiting for them to finish; I checked out these nail paints and was impressed by the colors so one of my girlfriends suggested that I try it on. We tried the red one first, and then they added the other colors because Christmas season has already started in the Philippines. YES. Lol.

We welcomed the festive season with of course, a feast.

Cafe Eight

Located at the eighth floor of Crimson Hotel (Alabang, Muntinlupa); this cafe serves a wide selection of food for their International Buffet.

It’s regularly priced at Php1500+ , but my friends found a deal that slashed Php500 off from the original price. That’s big enough, so we bought coupons and voila, we welcomed the Ber months with heavily filled tummies.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your consideration please haha.

First, you’ll be welcomed by the liquors haha.

Then, the salad bar

With lots of greens


Then, the mains. Surprisingly, I did not have too much rice. If I remember it right, I just had less than a cup of it.

I ate mostly greens lol.

My friend said that their potatoes were good.

I tried this one, it was ok as well.

They also have Chicken

And pork

This beef smelled terrific, but you all should know I don’t really eat beef.

A create your own pasta station. Sadly, they do not serve truffle pasta (coz the lady said it was expensive).

Pork striploin

Some of the more common fried stuff here in the PH, perfect with bottles of beer lol

And I forgot where this was. Maybe it’s for the Mongolian food? Or another salad? I’d think it’s like a Mongolian Quick Stop where you mix these and then they stir fry everything. Or I might be wrong. Lol.

DESSERT!!!! The Leche Flan was to die for!

More Dessert!!! I only sampled a few coz my tummy isn’t really feeling well.

Why is there another photo of this? Lol.

What I ate

You’ll be surprised, because I was also surprised hahaha. As I’ve said earlier, there were a lot of greens.

I think I got this from the Latin food section, I basically just got a piece of everything I saw hahah. I wasn’t able to take photos because a lot of people were already there

This one had beef and chicken inside.

Asian coleslaw and some more Asian food

The salty miso soup

I made this!!! So proud of myself!

Aglio Olio, which was a bit spicy

My Dessert plate

The gang

These are my friends from college πŸ™‚

And we were with the family of one of them. You know you’re lifetime friends with someone when you’re also friends with their families (or at least their immediate family knows you).

Because the Buffet was in a pretty hotel and we were treated like VIPs even if we only availed of the coupons, I would give this place a 5/5. Never mind that the miso soup was salty and the freshly squeezed orange juice too sour, it’s the posh feel of eating in a hotel buffet that matters the most.

And of course, the company – my dear friends. It was a happy first weekend of September for me. I hope it continues up to the end of this year.


#Dayrefatties #Food #Foodie #DayreEats

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