FOOD : Minsok and Home Food

Holler! A flashback photo from four years ago.

I wished I stayed this pretty. But hairline recedes and people grow old. Lol.

Let’s talk about food today.


Our friend Regine visited us a few weeks ago, and she treated us to a Korean feast! It’s also a preparation for the great Korea trip this coming November.

Minsok is a Hole in The Wall Restaurant in Makati, it is located just a few steps away from Z Hostel. It’s usually filled with Koreans, with a few Filipinos trying the place every now and then. I would say it’s these tourists’ home away from home.

Our friend ordered these steamed pork (legs) and unfortunately, I didn’t take note of what the names of these food are. I’ll just describe them to you hahah.

So what we did was wrap the pork in these leaves (because that’s what Koreans do), and then dipped them in the olive oil (not sure if it was olive but it’s the oily thing on the upper right) and added that brown thingie just underneath the oil. At times I added kimchi – and boy, it was really good!

It’s not my first time trying Korean food, but it seems like whenever I try it – I’m always pleasantly surprised. The photo above shpes the side dishes – Kimchi and others (sorryyyyy i’m really bad in remembering food names). But there’s egg, tofu, beans and others.

Another photo of those yummy steamed pork legs lol

Kimchi closeup

Soup – this one had tofu inside and some meat

Another soup – reminds me of the Japanese miso soup. I liked it more than the other one.

We also had three orders of samgyupsal, and I forgot to take a photo coz we devoured them immediately haha.

Overall, Minsok still delivered. The food is really, really delicious. It’s a bit pricey though. So I’d give this restaurant a 3.5/5


Home Cooked Meals

Today is my youngest brother’s birthday, and it’s a good thing that the Eid’l Adha holiday fell on the same date coz I was able to go home.

My parents cooked some special food for the birthday boys, boys coz it was also my other brother’s birthday last August 30.

Mom’s Spaghetti


Rellenong Bangus

Rice 😍😍😍

Chicken Tinola my

Everything at home is 5/5 hallo!


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