My New Addiction

Pearl, a contestant from Season 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Well, he did not win, but he surely won a lot of hearts. He was (in my opinion) the BEST LOOKING CONTESTANT of the show!

Hmm. Carmen Carrera was hot but since she’s already transitioned, and I’m not into girls, I’d pick Pearl any time of the day. Lol.

Never mind that he’s super effeminate and talks like he’s always HIGH, this guy has substance.

And his Drag persona also delivers!

Although, I won’t be posting that here.

Because I’m in love with his male form lol.

My phone’s wallpaper.

So perfect.

He reminds me of James Dean.

Ah. So pretty.

I wish I could find a boyfriend like this guy- who happens to be a bottom (in case you don’t know, bottoms are the receivers in gay sex).

Which is fine coz I’m a top. #Tmi #r21 lol

I’m almost finished watching his season in #RPDR and I don’t want it to end 😦

But Pearl will always be in my heart. 😂

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