MOVIE : Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino

Pista Ng Pelikulang Pilipino

It’s that time of the year again – movie festivals here and there. And my curious inner movie geek was excited, so even if I only had a few time after office hours, I made sure that I get a chance to see these movies.

The Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (Festival of Filipino Films?) opened this week, just the same time as the celebration of Buwan ng Wika (oh help, I don’t know how to translate this – but it’s the month that we celebrate our language). So for one whole week, all movie theaters are going to be screening Filipino films (YES FOR THE PHILIPPINE MOVIE INDUSTRY)! Good thing – this isn’t just a festival that wants to show movies for commercial purposes, but it’s solely for the exhibition of these artistic masterpieces (or so I believe). Nevertheless, there were 12 movies to choose from and to date, I’ve already seen 4. And here, I’d tell you about those I’ve watched.



To be honest, I wanted to watch this movie because 1) they have four HOT actors top billing the cast and 2) I thought the story was about partying in a bar. Lol.

But I was wrong – it’s a story of four friends who are studying to become lawyers (hence, Bar Exams Boys) and their experiences along the way. With a touch of comedy, drama and some kundiman (folk songs); I would definitely recommend this movie. They explored what goes on inside law school, touched a bit about fraternities,

and of course, the struggles of chasing a dream. The film was great, I would say easy on the eyes (well because of these adorable boys) since I do not know anything about the technical stuff. It was beautifully acted as well, I did not expect that some of the leads would portray their roles perfectly (I haven’t seen their work, except for their half naked runway stints). Overall, I’d give the film a 6/8.


Ang Manananggal sa Unit 23B


In this modern retelling of a traditional filipino mythical creature’s story, the film follows a weird plot of “no beginning, no ending” story. It’s just like you happen to see the characters in a certain time in their lives and move on. It gives the viewers a glimpse on how a monster leads a human existence.

The manananggal (a monster feeding on human flesh, oftentimes a winged creature that has the ability to separate her body in half starting from the stomach) falls in love with her new neighbor and this gives her a problem because whenever she feels the urge to eat a person, she uses her body to lure her victims first. The monster in her associates the carnal desires to that of her hunger, so she was torn as to whether she would give in to her feelings or not.

The movie feels weird, dark (literally and figuratively). You would know that the maker of the film is an artist – there are a lot of frames that were so perfectly shot. It’s not a must see for me, though.

Unless you wanna see the leads’ hot bodies haha. I’d give this a 3/8.


Star Na Si Van Damme Stallone


Van Damme Stallone has one dream – to be an actor. His mom has this one wish – to see him die before she does. Why? Because Van Damme has Down’s Sydrome; and his mon wants to ensure that Van Damme lives a long, happy and problem free life.

In this beautiful movie of how a mom manages to raise her two kids (one of them Van Damme), you would empathize with the family. But it does not paint a glorified scenario on kids with special needs – it gives you the truth. It is what it is.

But the people around Van Damme learn to live with it. This is a moving, heartwarming and inspiring tale. A 7/8 for me.




Wanna see something weird? WATCH THIS.
The movie is unapologetic, it delivers – it moves you at the edge of your seat, it makes you cringe, it makes you fall in love, it breaks your heart, it makes your eyes twinkle, it messes with your brain.

It’s too much.

These are three unrelated short stories in one film. The first one: Guy is on the way home from a hot sex, thinking he was lucky. Along the way, he sees a murder and a string of bad luck follows.

Second story: ultimate hot model grows boils in his body. He does everything to have it removed, and I swear it’s weirdly satisfying. You know the blackhead removal videos circulating online? It’s like that, this one is just worse. What made it easier to watch was the actor who played the role of the boil-infested model. He was soooooooo fineeeee!! Yummy. Delectable. Oozing… with pus. Lol.

The third was actually a boring love story about a musician who sings and tells the story about his girl

If you’re a fan of this guy, then you’ll love that he’s singing in this movie. If not, then you’ll just wish it stops. He’s a good singer, yes. But There’s something about him that I just don’t like. Anyway, back to the movie – so he was singing while recounting the story of his lovelife. The girl he was in love with was crazy, I guess she thinks she’s a cat or something. So there. That’s the weird part. But he loved her, until he got tired.

The entire movie was more than 2 hours.

At some point, you would have the urge to just stop watching. I won’t blame you. But bringing this kind of movie to the big screen is a new and risky move, so I’d give it a 5/8.


Hopefully, by next week, I’d get to see other films as well.

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