til it happens 2 u

(image from Pj’s Art Box Facebook page)

Who do we blame for the loss of a kid’s life?

Do we blame him, because he shouldn’t be out in the middle of the night?

Do we blame the parents, because they were never there?

Do we blame the neighbors, because they saw something was wrong but did not intervene?

Do we blame the CCTV camera, because it didn’t show us exactly what happened?

Do we blame the policemen, because they were just “doing their job”?

Do we blame their superiors, because they were sent out just to collect bodies and reach the quota?

Do we blame their Chief, because he instructed these men to carry out the “All out war on drugs”?

Do we blame the President, for being heartless and allowing these killings to happen?

Or do we blame ourselves, for making judgments without knowing the facts? For making decisions based on what others are saying?

For choosing the people who will lead our country to where it is right now.

Because really, where are we right now? Are we in a better place than where we used to be? Or are we not?

We all had that one vote, that very thing that this kid did not have. We chose to create a future for him; and thanks to us, it will never happen anymore.

……maybe you will not understand, until it happens to you………

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