MOVIE : Manners

What’s the worst thing you’ve done inside a moviehouse?


I was browsing Twitter and saw a friend ranting about someone trimming her nails while watching a movie. She was so triggered, she decided to just talk to the person and let her know what a disturbance she’s causing.

It was so weird and so hilarious – how could one possibly do that with just the light of the big screen? It’s amazing. But I could understand where my friend’s irritation was coming from. I must admit, I’ve been an insensitive moviegoer at times – there were instances when people

transferred seats because I was laughing so loudly. But hey, if it’s a comedy film I’m watching, do expect me to laugh out loud. That’s the experience that I’m paying for. Not everyone would understand that.

I’m also guilty of screaming out loud and cursing, especially if it’s a freaking horror movie. But I remember this one time, we were watching a Filipino horror film, supposedly about the first aswang and it turned out to be so badly acted Almost everyone in the audience were laughing

instead of cowering in fear.

Oh, but I’ve got a few pet peeves inside the cinema and I’m listing them down tonight.

1) on top of my list are the people who use their phones / flashlights inside the theater. What the hell??? Don’t you see that it’s dark, and when you use that light, you’re blinding people? Ugh. Please..

Imagine standing in the dark and then a car shines it’s headlights on you!!!!

2) people who talk loudly, or discuss the movie. C’mon, you don’t do that during the movie. Do it after.

Special mention to those film adaptations of your favorite novels, please do not spoil the moment for those

who are seeing the story for the first time.

3) Those who eat non-moviehouse friendly food. I’ve experienced sitting beside a guy who’s eating a rice meal while watching a movie. Wtf? How on earth can you concentrate on what you’re watching when you’re also eating???

4) Makeout sessions inside the theater? Okay. Just make sure you don’t disturb your neighbors. Otherwise, get a fcking room!!!

I guess that would be all for now. Lol.
I’d appreciate any additions to this list πŸ™‚



Tomorrow, I will date with Yesterday’s you


Anyone of you who has seen this movie? I was intrigued by the title, so I downloaded it.

Surprisingly, it was really good. It almost made me cry. It reminded me of #YourName , but on a different level.

We’re all suckers for complicated love stories. I’m giving this a 7/8


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