FOOD : Crazy Katsu / Crepeman

Sometimes, I post about nice things. Other times, I post about rants. Most of the time, I try to be a foodie. Lol.#wannabe

Crazy Katsu

The other day, I found myself exploring the DLSU Taft area, searching for new places where I could fill my tummy. Luckily, my friend J was available, so he toured me to the Archer’s place – a dormitory/condominium with restaurants located at their ground floor.

Hungry and happy, we were missing another friend who’s currently in Australia to pursue his studies (and a guy he was living with lol).

Most places were closed that day (cuz it was a Sunday, duh); so we settled for Crazy Katsu – a Japanese restaurant that specializes in Fried goodies hahahaha.

The extremely hot Miso Soup.

Shrimp and Veggie tempura

Chicken Katsu – a bestseller. The only downside? It was a bit spicy.

Look at the chopped chili, as if threatening me not to eat it. But it was good and affordable, so it’s perfect for the students (probably their target market). I’m giving them a 3.5/5!




Dessert was this amazingly delicious mango chocolate crepe from Crepe Man Cafe

My only issue was that it wasn’t served on a plate! Lol.

But it was perfect. Yummy.

A 4.5/5.


#Dessert #Dayrefatties #Foodie #food

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