FOOD : Friday Food Reviews

This week’s choices

Everyone loves a good meal. This week, I tried two new restaurants and revisited a place that I’ve already been to before.

And here are my wannabe #Foodie “reviews”:

Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse

After the Pride March, we were really tired and hungry af, so we went to one of the most recommended places in Marikina. Located at Marikina Heights (with some branches around the Metro), this place is perfect for those who would want to try good food (steaks) at prices that are easy on the pocket.

Smoked BBQ chicken – boneless chicken quarter with alabama bbq sauce and red slaw. This comes with two sides (as with all the other meals). My friend had rice and

The buttered corn

My two sides: Texan dirty rice and Macaroni salad

Southern Style Buttermilk Fried Chicken – two pieces boneless thigh fillet – buttermilk marinade, spices, double coated deep fried corn fritters and honey, comes with gravy and two sides

Smoked Bacon Slab – half pound of homemade smoked bacon slab, bourbon glaze, sliced picles, sesame slaw and it comes with two sides.

Dessert – Bacon and Smores dip.

Comes with homemade smoked bacon, chocolate ganache, roasted marshmallows and graham crackers. At first, I was like, what’s this??? Bacon and chocolates??? It’s so sinful and it’s a weird combination but it worked!

The place is so good, the food was so great, everything was perfect – except for the fact that we had to travel to far away Marikina just to taste these. Good thing that they have branches all around the Metro, and we could’ve chosen the nearest.

But it was Pride March, so what the heck. This place deserves a 4.5/5!!!!


#DayreEats #DayreFoodie #DayreFatties


Located a few blocks away from the condo, this restaurant/artsy (Instagrammable) place/bar is a perfect spot to spend the night chilling with your friends. I was craving for pasta the other day, and I’ve seen this for quite some time already, so I decided to just try it.

I asked for their bestseller, and the girl suggested that I order the carbonara.

Which I did.

Sorry, but the lighting does not give justice to the food. It came with fried egg, that reminded me of the Japanese carbonara I tried before, and you can also choose from any of the following items to go with your pasta: Grilled Chicken, Chorizo or Pulled Pork. Next time, I will try the other pasta options (Marinara and Aglio Olio). Reviewing them from this single order wouldn’t be fair – but the food was good, so I guess a 4/5 would do.


#Pasta #Food


The last time I was at Aposento, their food was so good, I gave them a perfect score. But today, today was very disappointing. Maybe they changed the chef? Or maybe the meals for sharing are better than the individual meals? It was overpriced and bland. We could’ve gotten the same food at much lower prices.

The only problem was: it’s payday Friday – all the restaurants were packed. That’s why we settled here.

Grilled Squid – believe it or not, this is worth more than P300! Gawd. You can get this from other restaurants at less than half the price. It did not even taste special, plus, it was too Spicy! And I don’t do spicy!!! Okay, my fault, I did not inform them. But hello, they did not specify it in their menu!

Gyudon – which is also not enjoyable, as per my friend

Grilled spareribs – another blah dish.

Sorry, but Aposento, from a perfect score you are now down to 1.


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