PRIDE 2017!!!!

Last Saturday

We went to Marikina for the annual Metro Manila Pride March. The venue was moved from the country’s capital to a another city in the metro because 1) it coincided with Manila Day 2) and the government of Marikina offered the venue for free.

The theme for this year was #HereTogether , we march for those who cannot march with us. It was a beautiful and colorful day for the entire LGBTQIA in the Philippines.

The event had close to 7500 participants and was attended by our prominent supporters.

This year, I was part of the LoveYourself group. I’ve been marching without an organization for two years already and last year, I felt the need to belong to one of those.

Since the opportunity to volunteer presented itself last year, I did not hesitate at all. I am happy now, to be part of something.

As to the experience, well, it’s always amazing to be in the community of colorful individuals.

Of course, we do not just march to be seen (altho at times, I feel that the famewhore in me kicks in). There are plenty of groups advocating for various causes – HIV and AIDS awareness, the same-sex marriage and anti-discrimination bill passage, acceptance – especially for those who are still in the closet, corporate LGBT rights, and many more.

The rainbow flag is hoisted, and the Filipino LGBTQIA community is here to stay.

It was also attended by reigning Mr. Gay World

With a friend, whom I met in LoveYourself

With Del, whom I’ve been seeing every year – since my first Pride March.

And another Loveyourself batchmate #DayreVolunteers

Overall, it was a happy, happy day. #LoveWins #Lgbt #PrideMonth

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