FOOD : Salvatore Cuomo

I can hear things

When you’re a sleep deprived insomniac, and the road near the place you live in is being repaired/constructed, trying to get some shuteye can be really, really hard.

It’s like, I’m starting to doze off, and then I will hear a loud thud or some sort of drilling. Of course, I understand they can’t work during the day coz it’s too hot. But a little consideration won’t hurt.

Britney is sneaking away to the Philippines!

After touring Japan, Korea and Taiwan…. she would finally land on Philippine soil today 😍

I couldn’t explain how excited I am, but I’m a bit worried coz I have a feeling that work would get in the way tomorrow. We have crazy clients who always fuck up whenever we have something important going. I pray it won’t happen, though.

I dunno what to wear tomorrow! It should be something I could dance in. Oh my. I’m really excited.

In other news…

A senator in the Philippines has suggested that restaurants should stop from offering Unlimited Rice meals. She further stated that instead of white rice, brown rice should be served because it’s healthier and heavier in the tummy. It would also reduce the risk of diabetes, associating the unli rice promos to this illness.

Whoa. For the record, I did NOT vote for her. She’s just a reflection of what this country needs – proper education. Ugh. What a disgrace.

I mean, there are a lot of other “more pressing” issues that she could devote her time to. Seriously, prohibiting restaurants from offering unlimited rice? When most people (ESPECIALLY ME) are huge consumers of rice? When this nation regards rice as a meal staple?

Cmon. She could do better than that.

Salvatore Cuomo


Well, fck that senator. I’ll end the day with a food post.
World renowned chef Salvatore Cuomo has a restaurant here in the Philippines. Located at the Uptown Parade in BGC – near Palace Pool Club and Valkyrie – the high end restaurant serves premium casual Italian food with a bit of Japanese dishes; I guess to pay tribute to the celebrity chef’s lineage.

I would normally not try these expensive restaurants, but it was my friend’s birthday, so off we went to get some posh lunch.

This is my friend, A, who has just returned from her Scandinavian trip. She said she was intrigued by the four cheese pizza of Salvatore Cuomo so to celebrate her big day, she asked me to join her for lunch in the said restaurant. We had pizza and pasta, and boy, were they good.

They serve these yummy bread while you wait

Their bestseller, the Quattro Formaggi (4 kinds of cheese). It’s best served with honey on top. YES. You read that right – HONEY.

It was really good.

Spaghetti Alla Amatriciana – Spaghetti with Pancetta Ham, Tomato Sauce and Onion

Spaghetti con Funghi e Pesto Tartufo Nero – spaghetti with mix mushrooms cream and black truffle pesto


This has got to be the best tasting truffle pasta I have ever tried. So worth it.

A paid almost Php 2,000 for all of these. But it was really, really great. We didn’t get to finish all of the pizza, but the pasta – oh, they were divine. I would give this restaurant a perfect score.


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