FOOD : Batangas Food Trip


I was about to tell you…

stories on what happened over my weekend, but I realize I’m already a bit sleepy…. so it has to wait.. as for now, let me share another good news:

I came in first for this week’s Workweek challenge!!! We do this every week And an ex-colleague from the US is always snatching the lead; this time she went on a trip so I won. Hahaha!!!!

I’m not sure if I could win again this week coz my feet hurts. But I’m hoping I could lol. Well, everyone, it’s a brand new work week – the start of the schoolyear for some students in the PH. It only means one thing : TRAFFIC.

So if you don’t live far away from work or school, I recommend walking. Lol.

Batangas Food Trip


Last Saturday, I met with my college gang to tour around the city and search for great places to eat. We actually went to three, but the first and last stop were the same restaurant (different locations).

Just recently, Batangas has seen a rising number of concept cafes and restaurants. So now, let me give you a tour of the places you can visit when you find yourself lost in the province of the brave (80+ kilometers south of the Metro).

Purple Beetle (Batangas City)


Purple Beetle has branches in two main cities of Batangas – Batangas City and Lipa City.

My friends and I met at the Batangas branch, supposedly for brunch (light), but we ended up ordering the group meal (P1030) and it’s very, very worth it. You’ll see why…

My signature glasses shot lol.


The group meal was good for 4, and it came with four glasses of lemonade

Unbelievably good and generous serving of nachos

French fries

Two choices of pasta – this one’s tuna pasta

And the other one was baked macaroni

And four fried chicken with rice. See, it’s very much worth it. The food was also good, not because we were hungry, but they were really good. It might be at par to the ones we have in the Metro, and the price was not that high.

So for this, I give Purple Beetle a 4.5/5!


Another nice thing about this resto is that it’s kid friendly, so my friends’ son was able to enjoy while the adults were busy talking about adult stuff lol.

And everything was purple-y

They even have toy car collection for the kids to stare at. Unfortunately, playing with them was not allowed.

They provide coloring materials and black and white sketches for the kids, though.

Some crazy “tourist” in front of the restaurant haha

Blah. Haha.

Road Block


From Batangas City, we made our way to Lipa City, passing by the town of Cuenca because we had to meet one of our friends there.

Traffic was bad – and we found out why: it was the town’s fiesta. Fiestas in these towns are usually held during May (or first week of June). So to put that heavy traffic situation into a good light, we mingled with the townspeople, checked out the programs they had and of course took photos.

Banderitas (those colorful things above) usually adorn the streets during Fiestas. People are always in a festive mood, welcoming anyone – even strangers – to their homes. Food is present everywhere.

But since we didn’t know anyone who lived here, we just passed by the streets. Although everyone’s welcome in fiestas (heck, you can just say you’re a relative from far, far away), it’s still weird if you show up to a stranger’s house and eat their food.

Fat Grill


After a long trip to Lipa City, we found this place. It actually looks intimidating at first, you’d think that they serve pricey food – BUT NO. They are even cheaper than Purple Beetle.

The interiors are funny as well, they have fattened versions of your Superheroes

And an art wall.

One thing that’s good about this is that they’re purely self service. You go to the counter, order your food and pay for it, then you’re called the moment the it is ready.

What did we eat? See below:

They have catchy names for their food. This one is called Baby Come Back – barbecue ribs with tangy herbs and spices. This comes with potato salad and java rice

Pimp My Shrimp – deep fried battered shrimp tossed in salted egg (I didn’t taste it on the shrimp) and butter. Also came with Java rice and I don’t know what the other thing is – but it has a mix of salted egg, onions etc.

I forgot what this dish was called. It’s spicy chicken, and it was really spicyyyyyy.

I’d give Fat Grill a 3.5/5.


Bear in mind that we had our “Brunch” at 11. We were eating here at around 2. Yes… I don’t even know what kind of stomach did we have that day. Lol.

Always Have Room for Dessert….


Guess where?

Yes! The other Purple Beetle branch in the other city! Haha!

We loved the resto so much, we just had to go back and try their dessert

See those chocolates? Lol.

Banana Split

Dulce de leche frappe

Chocolate chip frappe

I’m showing my friend’s nails in this photo #NailArt #DayreBeauty

They also gave a mini ice cream with candle for the birthday boy (he’s turning two next week!)

And we are the proud godparents!!!

With the parents @misisjoey (who introduced me to Dayre) and @marcupal86 .

It was such a fun food filled day, and I am looking forward to more trips with this bunch. They are my “core”; they know me inside and out. But that deserves another post, as for now, I’m happily ending this with the requisite hashtags for all the

#DayreFatties #DayreEats #Food #foodie #Foodporn #Travel

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