Food : Three Restaurants

Lately, there has been so much negativities and bad/sad news around the world. So, to counter that, I will be doing a FOOD POST!



The other day, me and my ex-housemates had a sumptuous dinner at Gringo’s BGC. Gringo’s is a Latin/Mexican restaurant with lots of branches around the Metro. Upon entering, the staff will greet you with “Hola”. Everyone was friendly (at least, for this branch).

Potato Salad, Buttered Corn

1/2 Gringo Souther Spice Chicken with Fries (my friend’s)

1/4 Southern Spice Chicken, with Mexican rice and macaroni salad (all mine)

Their best selling chicken noodle soup, which tastes like province cooked soup. Tastes like home.

It was a nice dinner, of course with a good company. But the food was great, we came out with tummies so full. I loved the homey atmosphere and the friendly vibe. I am giving this restaurant a perfect score.


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The Blue Room

On the 25th floor of our office building is a newly opened posh restaurant – The Blue Room. We had lunch there earlier, and it was so disappointing. Their food, as normal/common as they were, is very expensive. We pushed through with the lunch “for the experience”; nevermind that they don’t even have wifi.

The good things about the restaurant (and probably the reason for the pricey food) are : 1) the location / space – as you can see from the video above, it looks posh.l

2) the plates – they are huge and they looked very expensive; more expensive than the overpriced food lol
3) the staff – everyone was courteous and nice.

But the food? Oh the food…

1) Tastes common
2) small serving

See for yourselves:

Lechon Kawali – to be fair, this one is better than your average lechon kawali.

Seafood Sinigang – served with 3 shrimps and two slices of fish. There were five of us, so we had tHe division was not equal. The first three who went for the shrimp got the shrimp lol. The other two had to go with the fish.

Sisig – tastes normal. Nothing extraordinary.

Since the food was not yet enough to fill our stomachs, we ordered these tempura (5pcs, so one each). Oh well. Everything was charged to experience. Their rice was P75!!!
The bill was 1800+, we each had to pay P370. So not worth it.

A 2/5 for me.





Formerly Roux (wrote about it some time before), this place has changed it’s name back to its original name – Marciano’s. Now they’re offering steaks, pastas, soups and pizzas.

Robert De Niro Bacon and Asparagus creme

Pumpkin Of the Opera (bestseller)

Seafood Serena, one of the Upper East Side Risottos

200g Beef Tenderloin with Sausage

The food was a bit pricey – but it definitely is worth it. Unlike the Blue Room, this one has beautiful interiors and delectable dishes. Food items under their menu were named after famous New York people.

I’d give this place a 4/5.


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