Kim and Arnie’s Wedding

Last Sunday

Another friend of mine got married! We were part of the lucky few who were invited to the wedding – coz we were there when their relationship started. This couple loves to travel, as a matter of fact they've been all around the world already. They've been dating for 6 years now and the proposal happened in one of the glaciers in Iceland.

Their wedding is at Antonio's Tagaytay, one of the popular high end wedding destinations in this part of the country – coz I heard you can't just walk in to their restaurant, you have to have a reservation.

It was supposed to be a garden wedding, but the weather was not cooperating. It has been raining hard since the afternoon, so another setup had to be done in the cabana. Though rain spelled disaster, everyone in the event thought of it as a blessing.

They're such a lovely couple, who also stayed low key by not jumping into the social media bandwagon. They don't have much photos on their social media accounts, but you'd be surprised that they've been to a lot of places together.

Went to the event with two of my

This is the Cabana, where the ceremony was held.

A view from outside the cabana

The newlyweds – the guy wearing the grey suit is the bride's brother who looks cute btw.

With some of the entourage

And this is us with the couple!

#DayreBrides #Wedding


The good thing about these weddings is you get to dine at restaurants you normally wouldn't be able to eat at because of:

1) the location
2) the price
3) who to eat with lol

So yay, we got to eat at Antonio's Fine Dining in Tagaytay!

Free bread with olives lol.

The organic greens – they're really fresh and good.

Cream of Upland Rice

Dalandan Juice

Grilled Chilean Sea Bass – THE BEST. My gosh, I never had fish this good. Well I've had salmons before but I didn't know sea bass was equally as great!

Guava Boschendal Granita – funny coz I never liked eating guava. So when it was served, I was like, okay… I just have to try this. Still didn't like the taste haha.

Beef Fillet Plancha – also another food that I hate to eat because beef usually has an aftertaste. It was cooked rare, and boy, was it the first time I ever tried eating this. It tasted like a good burger patty. The tomato thing was so good, it went well with the beef. I was able to stomach the combination lol.

Flourless Chocolate Cake – delicious! It was sooooo pure!!!!

Antonio's is a 4.5 for me.


#Dayrefatties #DayreEats #Food #Dessert #Foodie


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