FOOD : Ichiro / Mozu

Now let’s move to something delicious.

I visited two restaurants this week and I feel that I need to write about my experience there and channel my wannabe foodie personality.



First stop is Ichiro, a Japanese restaurant located beside University of Santo Tomas, Manila. The plAce is in its soft opening, and it is summer break in most schools, so there weren’t a lot of people when we went there.

They have this cute wall that can be a good photo background

And the staff are nice

Plus the place has good airconditioning (which is a requirement to relieve myself of this summer heat)

It’s a cheaper alternative to your Yabu, Saboten or Maisen. The difference is that the rice, cabbage and miso soup do not have unlimited servings. The pork isn’t as tasty as the more expensive Japanese katsu restaurants.

But they’re decent enough, and worth the P100plus meal. Also, the target market is probably the students of nearby universities. You won’t expect these kids to shell out P500 per meal everyday. It’s a good thing they have this. It’s like offering them a taste of what it could be in the future. Lol.

We never had those in college.

The miso soup is good.

I’d give this restaurant a 3/5.


#Foodie #DayreFatties #Foodporn

And they have a cute waiter too!



I’ve written about Mozu before. It’s the go-to place of employees from my previous office – whether it be a birthday celebration, a welcome to visitors or a simple payday Friday lunch out.

Mozu is the place to be because they have

1) Good Food
2) Very Affordable Food
3) Not too far from the offices

Not convinced? Then let these photos tell you why…

Moroccan Mint Tea

Lechon Laing – Pork Belly, Coconut and Laing; it’s one of Mozu’s signature/favorite dish. Often copied, never satisfied – so they say.

Crispy Boneless Bangus Belly Breakfast Meal

Crispy Pork Binagoongan – the serving is so generous you would need an extra rice.

Chicken Curry – my personal favorite.

And their very delicious Frozen Brazo. It’s one of the best cakes everrrrr. A must try.

Mozu is always a 5/5 for me.


#DayreEats #Philippines #PinoyFood

And here I am with great friends for that sumptuous lunch.

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