Liw-liwa Zambales

I Went To The Beach!

Sooooo.. I finally went to the beach to experience the sun, sand and sea. I’m not a swimmer, but I enjoy taking dips and getting myself wet every once in a while.

This time, we went to Liw-Liwa, San Felipe, Zambales. My friend told me that the shore the same as before and that it was widened so that more people can spend the night camping by the sea. It was a 4hr drive (5hr if you’re traveling via bus); and around 117 km away from Manila.

It’s a surfing spot, perfect for beginners because the waves aren’t that big (well, at least during our stay). I had fun jumping in the water as the waves came to the shore, we spent hours swimming under the sun. So My skin was pretty much burnt. But I don’t care. It’s the kind of burn that’s proof of an awesome weekend.

Okay. Enough of this shit, I’ll just let these photos do the talking.

I brought my signature cloth (check the following hashtag on Instagram to see what I’m talking about #TheTelaSeries )

See the blue waters behind me?

Also brought fake hairdye

And made one of those jumpshots

The trees are picturesque

Whether you’re sitting by the shore

Or having a fun time at the sea

The place was amazing.

The waves are divine

And there were a lot of people, but you can’t really feel it because the shore has been widened.

Look at those little waves haha

And look at that view


#SorryNotSorry – yes I’m walking around with those flowing cloths hahah

Perfect for photo shoots

And relaxation

I call this my Desert shot

And the sea isn’t that deep as well.



Make sure you stay to see the beautiful

And take amazing pictures of God’s artwork


Also check out the beautiful #Sunrise

Or take some artshots in the sand

The beach was calmer in the morning


#DayreTravels #Philippines #Travel

And a sunkissed selfie to end this post. Lol.

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