It’s 12:43 am

And I am still awake. I was trying to limit my rice intake because (YESSSSS) there is an upcoming beach trip this weekend and a crasher than crash diet might help. However, just like any other plans I had in trying to get fit, I failed miserably. Last Monday, I had two cups of rice for dinner. Yesterday lunch, another two cups. The problem with me is that when I deprive myself of food in the morning or in the afternoon, I go all out at night. I don’t know about you, but I feel that dinners

should always be special, or should at least taste better. Which, I know, is so wrong. Breakfast should be the power meal of the day, it is when you should eat most. And you gradually decrease the amount of food as the day progresses. I’m doing the opposite. Sometimes, I even skip breakfast; or just have a pack of crackers (which is also tasty, by the way).

Judging by the amount of food I consumed in last night’s dinner, I would think it’s the main culprit as to why I can’t sleep yet.

It’s 10:34 PM

I had a really long and productive day. My Fitbit app says I slept for 5 hours, which is so wrong because an adult needs at least 6-8 hours of sleep. I swear I have a sleeping problem.

As for the day, I went to my previous office for a training on “Thinking on your Feet”. I enrolled in the said course because I thought I needed skills to talk to people, especially those who are not in the same level as I am (subordinates, superiors, clients).

I learned a lot, but I’m too tired to tell you ✌🏼

It was also fun as I was able to visit my former colleagues, had some time to catch up with them. It’s nice to know that despite us moving to different roles, we still manage to talk and laugh as if nothing had happened. I left that part of the bank 4 and a half years ago; I’m happy to say I made the right choice in transferring and I hope everyone else is happy about that too. Lol.

The weather is erratic. It’s supposed to be summer but it’s raining heavily at night. Weird.

I could go on and on, but it deviates from my learnings earlier. In speaking, we must always remember these three words:

Clarity. Brevity. Impact.

With that, I greet you a good night as I will try my very best to get at least 6hours of uninterrupted sleep.

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