FOOD : Vacation Glutton

One good thing about this vacation is the fact that there’s overflowing food everywhere. Haha.



For those in the know, Silya is the go-to place after a night to morning’s worth of partying in the infamous Orosa-Nakpil streets of Malate, Manila. The said streets used to house Manila’s best gay clubs (not the ones with strippers); and it was also where Pride parties were held. Until the time there was a change in the city’s leadership, and these events were no longer supported. So the bars went on to change locations, but this establishment remained there. Together with a few clubs.

They serve breakfast meals – silogs, as what we usually call them. This one is breaded porkchop silog (sinangag + itlog, fried rice + egg). What’s more amazing is that, throughout the years, the taste is still the same. The servers, who have seen you grow from party animal to young professional to, well, a bit of an older man; are still there. Silya also offers a videoke, where patrons can belt out their renditions of divas’ songs (coz most customers are gays lol).

Silya still is the best.

This place deserves a 5/5.


Old San Juan Hotel and Restaurant


A few meters away from San Juan, Batangas’ Parish Church is an old house themed hotel and restaurant. I wasn’t able to check out the interiors of the hotel, though. We went there for a quick lunch during our family’s Bisita Iglesia – a Catholic tradition wherein they reflect on the 14 stations of the cross; but they have to go to one church per station.

Interiors of the restaurant looked like a typical old house in the Philippines. See the capiz windows and chandeliers.

There is an old piano as well


Sinigang na Bangus Belly

One whole fried chicken

Pancit canton

Shrimp Tempura (which we expected to be a lot bigger and the size was a disappointment)

Anyway, it’s a great place to spend your time with the family. The food was good, not that stellar, but enough to fill a hungry stomach.

The place was cozy and despite the blazing heat of the sun, we did not feel it inside. Even while we were devouring the lunch haha.

I’d give this place a 4/5.


Home cooked goodness

Corn!!!! My family knows that this is one of my most favorite thing to munch on during summer break!

This is how a regular corn in the province looks like. They aren’t as yellow or as big as the Japanese corns, but I tell you, they taste better. What we do is we roll it in a mixture of calamansi and salt, and voila, the taste is just amazing! A must try!

#Food #Foodie #Dayrefatties #Delicious



For some reason, I wanted to watch Fast and the Furious 8 today. So after church, I went to the nearest mall to checkout the screening schedule. All scheds before 8pm were sold out, so I was left with the last full show. I had 2 and a half hour to spare so I looked for a place to get my tummy filled, and found this Japanese katsu store.

Truth be told, I’ve had enough of katsus and unlimited rice (at least for this week). But I had no choice, my body was craving for rice – and at least a cup would do. I had other cheaper options, but I didn’t want the nuggets from Burger King; nor the cheap versions of Tonkatsu outside the mall. So I settled for this one. They were offering something different, their Kimukatsu boasts of 25 layers of mille-feuille katsu in different flavors.

The girl said the plain one was just, well, PLAIN. So I ordered the black pepper Kimukatsu. Unfortunately, I came to the restaurant 3 minutes before closing time. It’s great that they accommodated my order, but it’s obvious that they all wanna leave already. Lol.

That’s why the Kimukatsu didn’t taste that well for me. I don’t know if that was how it’s supposed to taste, but I wasn’t able to feel the bursting of flavors (as what the menu promised).

Nevertheless, it came with unlimited miso soup

And shredded cabbage.

But I wasn’t able to fully utilize the unlimited services coz tummy got full quickly. Oh well. For this experience, I’d give them a 3/5. Should’ve been 2, but I would give them an extra point for letting me go inside even if they’re about to close.



Fast and the Furious 8, Seat F8.

Cool coincidence haha.

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