FOOD : The Morning After / Hobing

My friend in Canada sent me a photo of this cute Starbucks barista. If, by any chance, you find a cute guy, please post a photo of him and tag me. It will surely brighten up my day haha.

And since it’s so hot in the PH right now, I decided I would just stay inside my room for one whole day – except for the times when I have to eat and go to church.

Maybe I should just tell you about this restaurant that we visited a couple of days ago. It’s called:

Yes – and by the name alone, you would know that they serve breakfast meals the whole day. It’s located at the second floor of the Eton Tower (Rufinocor. dela Rosa St., Makati City). They have a wide selection of breakfast food from all around the world – of course, I don’t think they’re authentic, but at least they stayed true to the theme haha. They also serve pastas, other meals (that aren’t just for breakfast) and some desserts.

My friends and I tried the following:

The yummylicious roasted pumpkin soup – one of the best!

Cream of mushroom soup

Slices of bread to go with the soup

Their breakfast bagnet – composed of Orginal Vigan Bagnet, garlic rice topped with sunny side up egg, and chimuchurri sauce (a green sauce from Argentina)

The Japanese breakfast – albeit non-traditional. This one is their version of Donburi.

My Salted Egg Prawn with Sriracha Egg rice – tempura prawns coated with rich salted egg sauce, paired with mildly spiced Sriracha Egg fried rice.

My only issue with this one is that it was hard to peel off the shell (?) since it stuck with the breading and the salted egg sauce haha.

It was still good, though.

Another nice thing about the place is that it’s quite “Instagrammable” haha. The interiors were nice, hip and charming – like these caged lights.

Or the brick walls

I just hope they don’t get filled with people because if it happens there wouldn’t be too much space to move (see how the tables and chairs were placed too close together).

Still, my dining experience with The Morning After was an enjoyable one, worthy to receive a 4/5.


#Dayrefatties #Food #Foodie #foodporn

And I didn’t really go out till the sun went down (except for lunch and that one time I tried to meet someone from Grindr, but failed). I deliberated whether I should attend Sunday church or go to the mall to meet my friends. I chose the latter πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sorry God.

The reason was because a free Bingsu was offered. And I haven’t ever tried this dessert that people have been raving about.

Mango Cheese Bingsu from Hobing


My Korean inspired bangs was happy! It was super delicious! Well, partly because I’ve been trying to escape the heat and a dessert made of ice was the perfect answer!!!

I give Ho Bing a 4.5/5!!


It could’ve been perfect but the place was a bit small and the AC wasn’t that cold. Haha.


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