Bad Day

It is a bad day, but not necessarily a bad life.

Tonight, I would like to think that these words are speaking to me. It’s a pretty tiring day that I would try to recount with a part of my brain telling me to get some much needed zzzzzz’s.

I really think I have major sleep problems. Last night, I slept at almost 2am and woke up a few minutes before 6. Which is just like having a powernap.

Good thing about it is that I can start my day a lot earlier than everyone else; but if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed- everything will just go haywire after that.

I went to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned. Okay, the last time I had it done was over a year ago and I was seriously counting how many blow jobs I gave during that

period: less than 10. Haha. I think me volunteering did a lot on the way I view casual sex (more on that later). Back to the dentist, it’s good that the dentist was pretty, coz honestly it gave me (the patient) an assurance that she’ll do a good job. No relation whatsoever, but I think it’s the thing called “pleasing personality”. Lol. So anyway, she said my teeth required deep cleaning and I need to pay an additional P300. I knew this was bound to happen. It’s kinda like their

script whenever patients use healthcards. The. She told me I need to have some teeth get fillings (a total of 10! Actually). I just had 2 done coz the healthcard pays for just 2 per year; the rest I didn’t get coz they were expensive. And then there was the issue of my impacted molars, which she said must be removed as soon as possible.

At least my teeth were cleaned!

After the visit to the dentist, I went to Loveyourself Uni for my volunteering duties ( #DayreVolunteer ). It was all going well until two clients who were just 20 years old turned out to be reactive. Luckily, my PLHIV (person living with HIV) batchmate was there, so I gave him the paper of one of the kids. Unfortunately, the other one was assigned to me. You see, it’s a bad bad feeling disclosing the result to a client and you have to assure him that everything’s gonna be alright.

Even though you know that it’s hard for someone as young as he was, a graduating student as well, to accept this harsh reality. I had to remind him that his body is his responsibility and I was just there to help him initially accept the result. He was smiling the whole time. He looked like a really, really nice person and the result was something that he never expected. He just went to the clinic to get tested coz his class got cancelled and this is what he finds out.

What affected me the most was the moment when he said he can’t really tell his parents right now, and that he would maybe tell them when he gets a job. But I do hope he takes care of himself because it’ll be a hard road to traverse; so even though I don’t usually do it, I told him that if he needed someone to talk to I was just a message away. I prayed for him tonight. And I also prayed for my hometown.

For some fucked up reason, this earth has decided to grind its lands against each other that a twin earthquake struck Batangas this afternoon. It was also felt in some parts of Luzon and Metro Manila. I felt dizzy, so how much more would my family feel when the epicenter was just near them? The destruction was too much; boulders fell of mountains, resorts and houses were badly damaged and roads were closed due to fear of falling rocks. Please help me in praying for them.

And then on my way to the mall, A gay passenger noticed that his wallet disappeared. Apparently, the guy who offered him a seat quickly picked the wallet from his pocket. Two more men were in the scene trying to “go out” of the bus and squeezing the gay guy (so he wouldn’t notice what was happening). Ugh.

Too many bad things happening in one day.

And so, I decided that I had to pig out. I had to release this stressful and troublesome feeling.

I had dinner at Saboten – which would probably be my go-to place whenever i am stressed (and I have money). I was happy eating but afterwards, another booboo happened. Since Saboten is unlimited rice, shredded cabbage and Soup; I ate TOO MUCH. Too much that my pants’ buttons flew away. Hahah. So much for thinking that the bad times are over.

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