FOOD : 8065 Bagnet

Bad News : There was an earthquake in my hometown last night. The problem is, the quakes kept on coming from last night up to this afternoon. It’s so unusual, people have been posting non-stop on social media. Of course we don’t really know when the Big one hits us, but it’s freaking out everybody; especially those who, like me, are away from their families. Part of me wants to go home and be with my family and yet another part says, what can I do? I just hope nothing bad happens.

But wait, there’s more. The fcking Britney Spears concert has been sold out!!! 9am and the website has been crashing, so I ran to the nearest SM mall to book tickets. I arrived just in time, I’m number 27. And in a matter of minutes, the SVIP – the most expensive – tickets have all been sold out! Also the next one and the one after that. I ended up
Buying the Lower Box A which is a bit far from the stage, but I am hoping and praying that the view would still be great.

Dinner was, unfortunately, sinful again. Although I tried my very best to stay away from fried food, tonight was a totally different case. I just can’t say no. This is 8065 Bagnet’s Bagnet Curry. It’s only P125, and tbh, it’s not at par with Goto Monster lol.

I give this a 3/5.


#Dayrefatties #Food #Foodph #Foodie

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