FOOD : Tenya

Random thoughts

Oh my gosh! It’s the Angels of Anaheim Cap!! Hahah Bitmoji has a MLB them haha.

Some random thoughts on a Tuesday morning:

😩 my teammates stayed up to 1am last night. That was really, really bad. Work should not take the time intended for sleep.

πŸ˜’ my officemate has been playing Coldplay songs ever since I came in (which is like 8am-ish and it’s now 3mins before 9). I can’t wait for tomorrow’s Britney Spears ticket sales.

🀣 It’s just Tuesday and I feel so tired already. Ugh.

Japanese Food

Tenya Tempura Tendon is another Japanese restaurant inside the new wing of MOA (Mall of Asia).

This is their promise, lol.

Spicy salmon maki

Classic Tempura Soba set – contains prawn, squid, kisu, green beans, sweet potato.

It also has Japanese rice, tempura sauce, radish, leeks, ginger and noodle soup.

To be honest, the meal was so heavy it immediately filled my tummy. But afterwards, when I think about it, the prawn was so small that their promise to serve sweet, succulent and juicy was an epic fail. Hahha.

That’s why I’d give this restaurant a 3.5/5. Plus points for the friendly staff.


Cheese ramen from Mitsuyado Sei Men. I found it really weird to mix cheese and the ramen, but it did taste well. I’d give this experience a 4/5.


#Foodie #Foodporn #Dayrefatties

Back to Random shit

😲 13 reasons why is now streaming on Netflix. It won’t be long till I download it too. But wait, I haven’t seen Santa Clarita Diet yet. And there’s Riverdale, everyone’s been talking about it. I gotta see what the fuss is all about.

πŸ’πŸ½ cheers To Fabulous snapchat filters! I love this one and two more below:

The flower crown – and yes, I am vain.

Love this one. I rarely bite my lip coz I don’t really think it suits me. I guess the filter helped making it a bit acceptable. Sorry not sorry.

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