A Trip to the Museums (Part 1)

Today, we visited the National Museum of Fine Arts and the National Museum of Anthropology. These two buildings house various artworks and artifacts that showcase the talents and ingenuity of the Filipino people. Unfortunately, I got so excited in staring at the artworks that I failed to take note of the descriptions. I’d just describe them by the way I remember them, or what I felt while looking at them.

Upon entering the National Museum of the Fine Arts, you’ll be greeted by this posh interior. Look at the walls, and that chandelier ! Just wow.

Inside, there’s this huge gallery that houses two of the most famous paintings in the Museum (you’ll see them below). But I’m really a fan of anything that has wings on it, so I took a photo of this Diwata. This is a creation of National Artist, Guillermo Tolentino.

I managed to take a photo of the explanation because, well, that was the first artwork you’ll see inside the building.

Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo’s El Asesinato del Gobernador Bustamante. I remember the name of this painting was asked in a gameshow. I just couldn’t tell where. Haha.

Juan Luna’s SPOLIARIUM. This has got to be the most powerful piece of art you will see inside the museum. Songs and movies have been made about this.

It depicts the cruelty that the Filipino people experienced under the Spanish rule.

Upon entering the gallery that houses old sculptures from a Church in Bohol, I immediately saw this familiar figure. It was St. James the Greater, the patron saint of our town.

I think this is part of the altar that was recovered.

Pieta. Of course, this is easily recognizable.

The nativity

I think this is the coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth.

The Blessed Trinity

A sketch of Berlin, probably during the time our National Hero Jose Rizal, stayed there.

This is one of Rizal’s many artworks housed inside the museum. It’s called Mother’s Revenge, and is probably saying something the Spanish rule in the country.

A painting of Jose Rizal. Do you know that there’s a street in Germany named after him?

The smallest bust of Rizal inside the museum.

The book given by Rizal to his wife, Josephine Brackenn, before he was executed.

Museums can show a lot of nakedness, right?

Yes. More nakedness.

These flowers.. why do they seem so lonely?

A scene in the Philippines painted by Juan Luna.

Una Bulakeña – this,together with many others I took photos of, is very impressive. I think this was a portrait of Luna’s girlfriend.

He mastered in creating sceneries – mostly those that he travelled into. Can you guess where this one is?

Yes. That’s Japan.

This one is Paris.

And this was in Leitmeritz ( know hungary)

Short description pf the painting above.

Actually, you are not allowed to get too close to the artworks. This one was a quick photo op with the sculpture behind me

Those breasts though.

An Amorsolo work. He’s also one of those great artists whose paintings are worth Millions!!!

This one’s called the Burning of Sto Domingo church

Another Amorsolo work showing the war torn Philippines.

We were laughing at this creation because we called it the Young Anna Wintour. Lolz

A colorful painting with birds and flowers

And then a self portrait. I think the guy who made this loves himself so much that..

He has to make another self portrait, this time in his pure nakedness. Lol.

I guess that’s all for today coz I’m feeling sleepy already. Tomorrow, I’ll upload the photos I took from the other Museum.

#Art #dayreArt #Philippines

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