And then she comes surprising me with this.

Life is so tricky – just when you thought you’ve got all your finances planned for this year, this Britney Bitch announces that she will be holding a concert in Manila. Whyyyyyyyyyyy???? She just messed up all my plans.

Everyone’s telling me to buy the VIP tickets, because they know that I’m a huge, huge fan. The thing is, I know that she doesn’t really sing that much. She lip syncs and we all know that.

But we there is no denying that she still is a great performer, even if her dance isn’t as fluid and as powerful as it was during her prime. She is still is the Legendary Miss Britney Spears. She wouldn’t last that long if she isn’t something. Oh Lord, I seriously don’t know what to do. Haha.

Ticket prices haven’t been posted yet, I’m thinking it’s gonna cost around Php 30,000 (USD600) for VIP seats. Madonna’s concert sold for USD1,200 and yes it was very expensive.

But here’s the catch: if there would be other Asian cities where Britney will be performing, it’ll be much cheaper. So, I’m waiting for that, and hopefully she’ll do a Korea or Hk or Sg or Thailand leg.

Otherwise, I will have to set a ceiling for my ticket budget even if it breaks my heart. Haha.

Ticket prices announced!!!

Although it’s not yet confirmed, but the Philippine Concerts Facebook page has released a seatplan and price details of the concert. And yet, it is almost P30,000!!! I’m looking at the possibility of getting a VIP (P23,100) if I can use someone else’s credit card coz I don’t wanna use mine lol. Also thinking if I should get the next one, which is just P16,000.

My friends are telling me to go VIP coz I will regret it if I don’t. But part of me feels guilty for spending that much. I’m not rich.

Sooooo, I’m torn. Nevertheless, the ticket sales will start next week and I still have plenty of time to think. Right now, I’m leaning towards the VIP.

Oh well, this is a hard thing to think about. #Priorities lol.


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