It’s another day of Volunteering for me!

But before that….

For two days now, I saw blood on my pillow after waking up. I don’t know if this is something related to my (impacted) wisdom tooth or something much worse, but it scares me up to the point that I don’t wanna go to the doctor and ask. Well, I’m not really sure where it came from – did my nose bleed or did I salivate (with blood!!!???) while sleeping? It’s unbearably hot in the PH nowadays, so this would have caused it. Or probably my lack of sleep. But I know I need to get myself checked.


Our company partnered with Virlani foundation, an organization that shelters children – abandoned, poorest of the poor, those with special needs, etc. They house the children till they’re adults (18) and get them ready to lead an independent life. Some, they were able to reunite with families, while others were adopted either locally or internationally.

I must say that these people who were taking care of the kids were doing a great and a very remarkable job. Only a couple of hours with them

and I feel so drained already.

We brought them to Jumpyard Ph, a trampoline park in Pasig City.

You know I love jumping so I just have to try it.

It was TIRING. I think I broke my
Spine or something

But hey, it’s a cool activity.

Here’s a photo of the volunteers for the day. A pair of volunteers is assigned to a
Child and we were supposed to guide them while they played inside the park.

It seemed like an easy activity, but for children with special needs, you just gotta have a special kind of patience. Some of them were unruly, others were running around (which is not allowed).

The kid assigned to us was named M. He’s the one wearing green on the leftmost.

He didn’t want to play in the trampolines. Instead he just wanted to walk around the park so we ended up running after him. We needed to be extra careful coz he can have seizures when agitated.

Also, he tells everyone that he wants to pee (even if he just did). It’s pretty weird coz how would you know when he needs to do it or not.

So this one instance that he really wanted to pee,we just had to lead him to the toilet. We weren’t there yet and he was already preparing to do the deed. So I was forced to pull him inside the toilet and tell him to do it there. So we spent the day running after the kid, and when the social worker noticed it, he just got the kid and let us enjoy the park.

HIV Advocacy with Love Yourself

After the Virlanie CSR event, I went straight to the Love Yourself clinic for my weekend counseling duty. Today was supposed to be just a normal counseling day, but then again, I never learn. Two of my clients have partners who are HIV positive – one already knew prior to getting herself tested; and the other one was about to find out coz they both got tested today. So imagine me, trying to persuade them to stay negative.. My
Volunteering counselees never fail to surprise me.

Now I’m feeling very, very tired as I also had to go to BGC because there was a need for me to get a photo with a guy for this my 52 week photography challenge. Ugh. My back hurts, must be because of all the jumping. I hope it isn’t serious as I felt my spine make a sound earlier lol.

#DayreVolunteers #Volunteering

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