An Elevator Story

Another Elevator Story

There was a scene in the elevator this morning. A woman tried to catch the elevator – where I was in, together with a few other people (from different floors) – but the guy who was near the buttons did not see her, so he unknowingly pressed the door. The woman, whose fingers must have been hit by the door, was dressed in a posh office attire. She looked very elegant, but what happened after showed no trace of that. FYI – our office elevator has weak sensors that even if you’re in the middle of

the door, it will close.

Back to the lady (if she was indeed a lady coz she didn’t act like one), I understand that what happened might’ve hurt her precious fingers, but she lashed out on the poor guy standing in front of the elevator buttons. She was murmuring and saying things – demeaning ones – and was looking at the guy at the same time. It was so unexpected. A woman, dressed like that, spew vitriol to a stranger – in front of everyone (who obviously knew it was an accident).

We can all be monsters – but I don’t think we have the right to belittle anyone just because we’re more well dressed than them. It’s annoying how some people think of themselves as entitled elites.

Someone inside the elevator said:

“it’s not anybody’s responsibility to open the door for her”

Which is actually true. Even the owner of this building lets people ride elevators with him, who does this girl think she is to act in such manner? #Smh

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