It’s been a while since I last had a decent breakfast.

This one had wheat bun, scrambled eggs, corned beef and side salad. It comes with coffee or tea, but I had hot chocolate (additional P50). I’d say it’s overpriced. But a good breakfast is a nice way to start your day right.

It’s midweek and work has been crazy. I talked about how Monday was too stressful, but yesterday was totally the opposite. I went home at 6:30!

#Food #Foodie #Dayrefatties

Funny Stinking Story

So earlier, tummy wasn’t feeling so well. I actually pooped 4 times in the office today.

The sad thing is, we don’t normally poop in our floor’s toilet because 1) colleagues might see you do the deed – even though it’s normal, it’s a bit shameful to do it right in the office toilet coz it might smell hahah and 2) messengers and other people who go to the branch also use the same toilet, so they’re a bit filthy (ugh).

What we usually do is go to the other floors’ toilets ‘coz they aren’t

as crowded as ours. Also, some of the other floors have their own bidet installed (ours don’t, so sad).

I felt the need to “defecate” this afternoon so I rushed to the elevator and luckily no one rode with me. So I let out a little fart (coz I feel it’s coming already). It smelled. It really smelled bad.

And the elevator door opened. An old lady came in, I am not sure if she noticed the smell or maybe her nose wasn’t working properly.

The elevator door opened again in another floor and a man

went inside. You can see the disgusted look on his face, and I believe he thought the culprit was the old lady!

I felt really guilty for letting it slip, but God knows I thought no one would be riding the elevator with me. I should have known better, after all, I was in the topmost floor. Or maybe my thinking faculties weren’t really working that time as pooping is the priority haha.

That was really embarrassing.

Oh well. Let’s just say shit (and farts) really happens.


Dinner was this Grilled Sausage + Tomato + Bacon Pasta from Coffee 8065. Always great spending time here. They serve good food and the ambiance is relaxing – except for the times when groups of loud mouthed friends dine in the resto.

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