FOOD : Ludo


It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for!!! THE WEEKEND!!!

Oh I wish I could just bum around and do nothing. But today, I’m gonna volunteer. And tonight, Im gunna watch tale as old as time lol.

So before I begin my hectic schedule, I’ll give you an update about our favorite gaming spot – LUDO.

Pesto Chicken in Alfredo Sauce – this was great. It reminded me how ordinary 8065 Cafe’s 120pesos pesto pasta was. Lol.


Baked Rice and Shrimp – the serving was a little small (especially for a rice monster like myself) but it was also good.

Of course we played Exploding Kittens. This would have to be our warm up game everytime we go to Ludo (if it is available). We started there at around 8pm, and would you believe we stayed until almost midnight!?!

Joking Hazard would have been a cool game if you were drunk, or this was done in a group. It’s like Cards Against Humanity, but this time you are to create a comic strip. Funniest one wins.

No Thanks is a bidding game. I do not really remember the mechanics, but I know it involved Math. So we did not even finish it. Hahahah.

Letter Tycoon is like Scrabble + Monopoly. You earn coins/stocks for every word created. These coins can be used to buy ownership of some letters, which when used, would give the owner income. First to reach $34 wins. Uh… slightly boring, but if you’re the type who loves both games I mentioned above, then this one’s for you.

The Bill πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

This one has GOT TO BE OUR NEWEST FAVORITE. You are given a set of cups, and a deck of cards. You have to arrange/stack the cups according to the way the colors appear on the card drawn from the deck. First one who gets it right rings the bell. Here’s a video to show you how crazily chaotic this game was played:

@blahblahpamlah and me surely had a great time!

#Games #Dayrefatties #Foodie #Foodporn πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

By the way, this visit to Ludo deserves a perfect score:


And you know what, we’ve been (sort of) warned by the staff to lower our voices haha.

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