my Busy long Weekend


One of my brothers got married last Friday. To say that the event went by smoothly is a lie, lol. As a matter of fact, it was filled with drama and so much epic fail moments – but I do hope that the couple’s relationship wouldn’t be as chaotic as what happened to their big day.

First, they were almost late to the wedding. They were still doing some photo ops in the resort (where the reception will be held) 5 minutes before the start of the wedding. And they still have to travel

from the resort to the church!

Second, the matron of honor was late! She had to march after the bride and it was so funny coz this was the cray cray cousin of ours. She actually uploaded a whole album of her selfies, but the album title was “Wedding” hahahha.

Third, the bride was actually preggers so halfway through the ceremony, she felt dizzy and fainted. It was so fckin scary but it was a scene that was made for the movies haha.

Fourth, after the wedding all those who went to the church headed straight to the reception. Lo and behold, it was brimming with people!! All the tables were full, except for the ones in front – for the couple, their parents and the entourage! We had to ask for a table for some guests. Luckily, our new table was on the side so we were the first ones to go to the buffet.

Fifth, they ran out of food! Okay, this can be caused by so many factors: the girl lived near the resort (reception)

and I’d assume that everyone in that place who knew the girl or the girl’s family came – whether they were invited or not. But that’s the thing with weddings in the provinces, you invite a person, he brings his whole family. Also, the caterer was supposed to put food on the plates; but they didn’t do that. So they have no control on the amount of food the guests were getting!

Just to give you an idea on how cray cray it went, the food budget was for 400 heads. The caterer had an allowance for a hundred more (so 500). And yet, the food was still not enough!!! Mom said the number of guests that arrived was more or less 600 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. It’s hilarious, but you know these people would still have something to say – whether they were able to eat or not. So yeah, at least my brother is happy. And for a wedding that only had three months of preparation, it is already fine. Haha.


After Binge watching Haters Back Off and new episodes of the The Voice 12, I decided to just go back to the city and volunteer. That meant I had to say goodbye to our dear Tyra the dog

I love how she’s so clingy that everytime I walk past her she makes this howling sound that seems like she asks for attention. It’s hard to leave her nowadays.

Lifted some weights but nah, nothing’s happening. Fat is the new black πŸ˜‚

Also had ramen with the other volunteers and talked about “pressing issues” such as: the new slogan of the org – Suck, F**ck, Test, Repeat and how it’s been criticized by a lot of people (maybe I will do a separate post about this if I get inspired to do so lol), and then talked about other volunteers who are very visible in the org.

Also had butter and corn ramen (miso based) which was really good. I’d rate the place and the food a 4/5


#Dayrefatties #Food #Foodie #Foodporn


While everyone else kickstarted the summer season during the weekend, I was stuck in the Metro doing volunteer work. It’s not that I don’t like what I’m doing, but I suddenly had the urge to get my feet wet and bask in the early summer sunshine..

But since I didn’t get a good raise this year and my bonus was not even 1/3 of my monthly salary, I had to save more for my grand trip this year. Ugh. I hate this industry lol.

So going back, I had a “sort of” productive Sunday because 1) I volunteered 2) I Went to the Pietro Boselli meet and greet (photos below) 3) Attended Church and 4) drank beer with friends. Haha.


He looks like an angel

And he’s nerdy shy, which is so cute, but he’s so big it isn’t cute anymore. Ugh.

That face tho. 😍😍😍

And that smile!!!

I’m sorry, I just contain myself. I HUGGED HIM. His muscles against my body, it’s so surreal!!!!!

Yeah. I’m so fat hahahah. Gawd.

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