Justin Bieber and some yummy things

I had a dream last night. In my dream, I was watching a Justin Bieber concert (VIP babeh) and I was the only fan not going crazy over the guy. Then he noticed me and went to me and took a selfie with me hahaha.

Crazy dream, but it was fun. I immediately checked my phone upon waking up to see if it wasn’t just a dream. And of course, it was. Lol.

Today’s Food

Chicken Bibimbap from Kim N Chi

Lechon Kawali and Kangkong for @blahblahpamlah

My dinner at Coffee 8065 – Creamy Pesto

5/5 as well


Funny story – I had dinner and was already home when I realized I haven’t paid for it yet. So I ran back to the resto and paid, even if the staff couldn’t remember what I ordered. At least I was honest.

#Food #Foodie #DayreFatties #Foodporn

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