Had a haircut last Sunday coz a flirty girl said “Hi” to me. I dunno if it’s my messy curls or my facial hair, but I immediately got rid of those two haha.

So many things are happening and I’ve sort of forgotten to update this space.. must be because all the good stuff are happening and there bringing out the phone would just tale you out of the moment. I was actually super super tired last weekend, it was filled with so much activities – volunteering, drinking with old and new friends…

This week is no exception – last night, I watched Logan. Tonight, I’m gonna watch a digitally restored film that I wasn’t able to see when I was younger because (well) I was young hahaha. And then on Friday, my brother is getting married and gawd, so much is happening that I feel like I need to pause but I can’t.

I want to travel but since I’m saving for a grand vacation, I opted not to make plans.

Anyway, there are a few things I’d like to share with you:

Let’s start with a close encounter with a cray cray guy. So yesterday, my friend @blahblahpamlah , myself and two other colleagues went to the mall to have lunch. We were on our way back to the office when we rode an escalator. So picture this, Pam and I at the front, a person (or two persons) behind us, and then our other colleagues at the back.

We overheard the guy say: “Bakla talaga si Ayala. chinuchupa nya si Richard Gomez”

Translated: Ayala is really gay, he’s blowing Richard Gomez.

Ayala is a super rich and powerful businessman who has a LOT of businesses in the country and Richard Gomez was a super Hot Bachelor during the early 90s. There were issues that link both of them, but no one really had proof. So the issue sort of died on its own.

Going back to the guy, his voice was so loud, we thought he was conversing with someone. When we saw that he was alone, Pam and I immediately thought, what the hell is wrong with that guy? He was so rude to be saying such things.

And besides, the C word (blowjob) is still considered taboo! And then our other two colleagues told us that the guy was reeking of a smell that seemed like he hadn’t taken a bath for weeks. He actually looked decent enough to be allowed entry to the mall, but what he did, how he smelled and the way he walked – these just confirmed that something was wrong. We were so scared because what could he be thinking talking about a gay guy while on an escalator going up? What if he was mad at gays?

And what if I reminded him of a gay person and he suddenly becomes violent? Good thing he didn’t. I remember posting about the mental health issues here in the Ph, and supporting the petition to have that bill signed but I’m not sure if the current administration would be able to focus on that (as you may be aware, they’re just hellbent on the drug issue and some more pressing concerns are put to the sidelines).

Oh well, hope the guy did not do anyone harm. That was really scary.

Speaking of the President, have you heard about Madam Secretary (a hit TV series in the US)? There was a teaser wherein a character, who was the President of the PH, made a pass at her and she punched him in the face! Hahahah!’ It was so funny because this government sent a letter to CBS and Told them that the President might be put in bad light and that it was inappropriate as the people might think of the country that way. I WAS LIKE, WHAT THE FUCK? It’s purely Fictional!!!!

Cmon guys, that was really stupid. It just goes to show that this government would believe everything they want to believe in – fiction or not. Of course, this could’ve been inspired by recent events. It is not a secret that our President has that macho shit image and it’s not the show’s fault that this is how they see him. I mean, hello, he has insulted their President (no less) and did we hear anything from the White House?

Our guys need to grow some balls, right? Haha.


Aside from @stefiee , who else among you have #Fitbit ? I so love walking and we have this weekly “competition” together with other friends and friends of friends. It’s a fun way of keeping ourselves fit. I don’t know how to add friends there but if you want to, just comment below. Lol.

#DayreFitness #Fitness

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