FOOD : Eight Coffee Bar

Some hearts aren’t meant to be whole. They just remain broken. But amidst the brokenness, they are still capable of giving out love. Lucky are those who receive love from broken hearts – it’s the kind of love that knows how to withstand pain. The question is, how long can they endure it? How much longer will it take for the broken heart to just give up and never try again?

You know what’s wrong with it? Everything. But how can you stop when everything makes you smile, even though in the end it’ll only make you cry?

I should not be drinking on a Thursday night.

Sorry About That

Drunk thoughts are the best, don’t you agree? Haha. I blame Eight Coffee by UCC’s unlimited Sangria for my drunken state last night. I actually just had two and a half glasses, and boy, the drink was strong. Funny because the place is located in the same building as one of our clients, so I shouldn’t be acting crazy af because someone might see me. I restricted myself from doing so. Haha. I swear.

The culprit. It is indeed a killer haha.

I also ordered breakfast food for dinner. This one is called Threesome Breakfast – Angus sukiyaki beef tapa, Pork Tocino, Garlic Longganisa served with scrambled eggs. I would’ve wanted to eat the other items in the menu but they were a bit expensive so I’ll just come back some other time.

For this visit, I’d rate it 3/5.


#Foodie #Food #Dayrefatties

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