guilty pleasures

I need a moment.

I just found out that the world’s HOTTEST MATH TEACHER is coming to Manila.

Well.. just like any other model who went here and had a meet and greet, i would try my very best to meet/see him. Maybe, I could give him a hug. Oh gosh, I wonder how those muscles would feel like hahahaha.

Let’s talk about Food

Since the man-meat above won’t be here until the twelfth of March, I’ll just show you what I’ve been eating the past few days haha. Well, these are my #GuiltyPleasures and since I missed posting random stuff here on Dayre, I’ll just dedicate the last day of February to the things I love putting inside my mouth lol.

A friend gave me this huge pack of chocolates and boy, did I love them. It only lasted for a few days coz I brought it home to share with my siblings. Anything chocolate-y is absolutely lovely and I would gladly accept one if you’re planning to buy me something for Valentine’s.

Don’t give me flowers, feed me chocolates. Lol.

KitKat is ❤️. I don’t have any specific preference – be it milky, dark, mint – I CAN DEVOUR THEM ALL.

Casa Italia’s Pumpkin Soup. I love soup. I don’t know if it’s an Asian thing or it’s a Filipino thing, but I love soup on my rice. Give me a good soup and plain rice and I’m okay with it – even if there’s no meat. Yes, I’m that weird.

Japanese restos – there has to be a miso soup. Otherwise, I’d rate them low. Lol.

Casa Italia’s Bolognese.

Pasta? Just like chocolate, there are no limits for me… or maybe I draw the line on spicy ones, or the ones with eggplants on them haha. This one from the very affordable but very posh Casa Italia is a must try.

Even though they’re very sinful, these flavored fries from Potato Corner are so devilishly delicious, you just can’t say No to them.

Pictures above are the Cheese and Sour Cream Flavors and below is the Barbecue Flavor.

Potato Corner is a food cart / kiosk with franchises all over the metro. I don’t know if they’re expensive or not coz the smallest size (which is ironically called Large) is PHP50. If McDonald’s offers shake shake fries, the large ones cost PHP65 (not sure, but it’s more or less around that price).

In any case, flavored fries is heaven on earth and Potato Corner is almost everywhere, you can’t go wrong with it. It will never be a waste of money, I swear.


It’s gunna be March tomorrow, and it signals the start of Summer in the Philippines. It’s actually April, but the heat (my God, the heat) of the morning sun is starting to feel like that of summer. So I’d say, summer officially starts tomorrow lol. I love getting wet, going to the beach, submerging myself to water – but to tell you honestly, I HATE LONG BOAT RIDES. I feel like any moment, the boat I’m riding would just be swallowed by the open sea.

That’s why last year’s newfound travel buddy and a Dayre newbie – it’s her first day today – @blahblahpamlah , hates my boat ride restrictions! Lol. That is actually negotiable. But I’m saving for a huge trip this November so I don’t have any other trips planned for the year. I’m gonna miss the Philippines’ beautiful beaches, but hey, who knows I might just be dragged to one? We can never tell. As for now, it’s one of my other guilty pleasures… 😂

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