This day was cray cray.

Had too many things to do in the office. And this goes on till Friday. I feel so tired already (it’s just Wednesday).

Allow me to rant.

Ever had that person/friend who talks to you only to rant about anything? From work woes to personal issues, even gift options for a christening?

I have this friend (see my Trufa post), she complains about everything. Unfortunately, I am at the receiving end of all these bullshits and dramas. Okay, I should understand because she’s pregnant? But even when she wasn’t preggo, she was already like this. It’s like she dumps everything at me.

Sometimes, I get really annoyed, especially when she messages me in the morning. It’s like, my day is just starting, please don’t ruin it.

Yesterday, she was ranting about her friends who want to buy clothes as a gift for their other friend’s baby. She doesn’t like the idea and was asking me what I would be giving if I were in her situation. And then she proceeded on telling me that she wanted a stroller for her baby, that the whole bank can just share for that gift.

What? Is she fckin kidding me? First, she doesn’t have much friends because she’s always smirking and she has that don’t mess with me look so people tend to stay away from her. Second, she’s sort of hiding her pregnancy. Who does she expect to give her such an expensive gift?

Oh well, to be fair with her, she treats me nicely. Other than her rants and some whims, she’s good friend. Haha. I just needed an outlet coz I was also busy and had no time for her issues.

Another issue – in the office, some people are trying to bring other teams down. They are always quick to see every wrong from other teams, when all you have to do is to stick together and work as one. I don’t know if this is the crab mentality that they are calling, but whenever a team does well (no issues whatsoever), some people would just point out errors like employees coming in late, or leaving early. I don’t understand why they can’t just focus on their work and let others do whatever

they wanna do. Sure they can talk about it, but to escalate it to the higher ups when it does not even affect their work? Why don’t they just let the team resolve it themselves? What gives?

I don’t understand why they would think that people who leave early have less work and that people who leave late are not efficient. Where would you place yourself? Whatever you do, they would still have something to say. Perks of kissing other people’s asses ✌🏼😆.

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