Long Day

Today is gonna be a long day.

First on the list was to claim my license from the Professionals Regulation Commission (in Manila). To get there, I have the following options: Ride an overpriced Uber, take a jeepney and ride a van that will take me to the block near PRC, take a jeepney, ride a train and dropoff in a familiar place then take another mode of transpo to get me there.. or take a jeepney, ride a train and get off at the nearest station (but I had to walk a bit). The thing about my last option is that

there are so many exits in this station and I almost always get lost. But I realized, there’s a school near PRC and if someone wearing that school’s uniform rides the train, then I’ll just follow him. Luckily, I found somebody and made my way to that place without any hassle. However, when I got to the PRC, it was absolute HELL.

Now, imagine this:

License renewal is done online, all you have to do is pick a schedule when to claim your license, and then Voila – you just have to show up on the date you selected and your license will be given to you.

Upon entering, I was told to go to the 5th floor because the line in the 4th floor was already full. So there are rows of chairs and we were told to sit there till we were called. For some reason, even though everyone was expected to live through such standards,

there were people who would feel privileged and try to not follow the queue. They would put themselves in front of the line and pretend that they were here before everyone else. Ugh. Where’s the integrity?

I do realize that the line is long, and that some people haven’t had their breakfast yet (even Me); but damn, they should be acting like “professionals”. No wonder this country is fcked.

Terrible 😱

This is the fourth floor, I already made my way here after the fifth floor queue. Patience will have to be tested. Well, at least this renewal is done once every three years.

I really hate traveling here. I wish there’s a separate office for the renewal and it’s not in Manila coz all the working professionals are probably away from this part of the Metro. This one is closer to the universities, so for those who are about to take their licensure exams, it’s practical. But for those who are already working – having to take a day off just to process this, it’s a lot more burdensome. Maybe someone could think about it, I’m hoping someone will.


Lunch was at Izakaya Kikufuji. Kat and I were supposed to meet Cohleene 1pm, she’s a former teammate based in Singapore, who’s here for the weekend. Schedule changes happened and they were already at the venue at around 11. So I had to rush from Manila to Little Tokyo, Makati so as not to let them wait.

Chicken Teriyaki (the teriyaki sauce is placed on a separate plate)

Cabbages and other Veggies

Menchi Katsu

Kikufuji’s signature special maki

Mix Fry – Combination of shrimp and fish tempura

Izakaya Kikufuji delivered as expected. The food was super super great!! Even if Cohleene had all these dishes in SG, she really enjoyed the lunch. Therefore, I give it a perfect score!


#Food #Foodporn #DayreFatties #foodie

After lunch, we saw this movie, My Ex And Whys. In a gist, it’s a story about why should someone take back an ex. Honestly, the movie plot has been used over and over again, with the actors just prettily delivering heart wrenching lines while crying, this formula is what works with the Filipino viewers. I am guilty of that, too. I loved the movie, I loved how the actor looked so good despite his fatter appearance haha. I loved that they shot some scenes in Korea, it gave me an idea on what to

wear if I visit the country someday. I loved how even the supporting actors were hot men haha. Overall, the movie was great. I give it a 6/8.


It would ask you this question:

Why would you love even if you know you’d be hurt over and over again?

Goodbye, Mary Antonette.

I remember you singing a song in front of the class, and failing miserably. It was funny, but I didn’t know then that you were teaching everyone a very valuable lesson : That no matter what, you should never ever give up.

Sometimes, I feel remembering too many good things is a curse. But now, I thank God that I have them with me. I remember you trying to discreetly show me your notes coz I can’t see the what’s written on the board. I remember you wanting to eat sand. I remember your laugh.

I remember how you quickly comb that curly hair of yours while rushing to get to class coz you are late again. I remember you fighting for what you believe in and standing up for your friends. I remember them all and I feel happy that you will be in a place where there are no heartaches and pain. But for now, let me cry for I will no longer be seeing you, nor hearing that laugh, or listening to you sing a song. It has been a great journey, you will always be my favorite high school seatmate

and one of my greatest, greatest friends.

Thank you for everything.

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