my Valentine post

First, a toast

Here’s to hearts that wander and to hearts that are yet to be found.

If you’re waiting for someone and you think he wouldn’t come, take a step forward and maybe into him you’ll bump.

If, by any chance, you’re afraid to fall and get bruised, worry not ’cause we’ve all had wounds.

If you think you’ve given enough and don’t want to try anymore, tell yourself to push harder for someone might open the door.

Whether it be with yourself or with somebody else, all those hearts that are broken will eventually heal again.

What lies ahead may still be unknown, but be not afraid for love will find you a home.

#Love #Valentine #ValentinesDay #Vday #Feb14

The Unsung Heroes of Valentine’s Day (or of any special occasion)

Has your partner been so thoughtful that he arranged a special Valentine’s treat for you – complete with all the usual VDay Works : A surprise bouquet of flowers delivered right to your doorstep (or office); a special gift boxed and tied so beautifully that you don’t want to open it anymore; a romantic candlelit dinner with God knows how many courses it would be; and a magical fireworks to end the day, or maybe a movie or a massage or something else. Sweet, right?

But has the following ever crossed your minds:

These flowers, mostly roses with REAL THORNS, have been delicately arranged just to be beautiful in your eyes. They were then delivered by people who, perhaps ran, got lost and who possibly were confused by the sheer number of deliveries they have to make just for one day. What about the expensive gifts painstakingly wrapped by those who can barely afford them? Or maybe the delicious food cooked and served to you by people who can’t be with their

loved ones during Vday? Not to mention those who work in other service industries that are perennially busy during this one single day of the year.

I do sound like a Valentine Scrooge here, and sure you may say that this is their job and that they signed up for this, but please do hear me out.

I’ve come across these people a number of times
Today, and I am telling you that everytime I see a person carrying bouquets of flowers that are to be delivered, THERE IS ABSOLUTE PANIC IN THEIR EYES.

So what I’m trying to say is this – the occasion may just be once a year, but if it’ll be possible for you to show some appreciation, PLEASE DO SO. Say thank you to the delivery guy who’s sweaty and smelly but still managed to make you smile, appreciate the girl at the gift wrapping counter and commend her for doing a nice job, give tips to the waiter who made sure you enjoyed every bit of your dinner… a kind word will always go a long way 😉

And you’ll be a better person in the eyes of your


I do hope you enjoy the rest of the day and make sure to practice #Safesex Lol. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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