Monday Woes

Monday Woes

Monday mornings are absolutely intolerable. First you have to wakeup feeling that the weekend you just had ain’t enough yet, you’d wish there’ll be something that would cause time to just pass by slowly. Second you have to wish that something would magically happen and that a non working holiday would be declared. Third, you have to hustle and fight your way amidst throngs of people who are also trying to start their weeks. Fourth you get to the office and the mothafcking PC isn’t working again.

You have to reboot the machine and wait for it to function properly, which takes at least one hour, despite the fact that you arrived on time. Ugh.

I hate these patches. They are slowing me – and everyone else – down.

This week is extra special. It’s because Valentine’s day, otherwise known as Single Awareness Day (SAD) is just around the corner. Lol.

I have no plans, I just joined a contest to win a Valentine’s date with this hottie gay celebrity. Lol.

Last Night, the Bitch came alive

I went to Chowking, one of the three fastfood restaurants near the condo. I don’t post about their food coz it’s not appealing, but I’m only left with these few choices whenever I’m home and I haven’t eaten yet.

I ordered my usual order – pork chao fan with steamed siomai and wonton soup (broth – more like water – with vegetables and two pieces of wonton). The cashier told me that the steamed siomai is no longer available. She offered me the fried dumplings.

I was like, okay, there still are some wontons with the soup. I’m not really a fan of their fried dumplings. So after 15 minutes, they served me a huge bowl of soup
with veggies and no wonton. They said they would just give me a refund. However, I was furious. One – they had me wait for 15 minutes and two – no one told me when I ordered that it is no longer available. I don’t like the fried siomai, and I settled for the steamed wonton dumplings that came with the soup.

I cancelled all my orders. Hah. Even if I was already hungry, I transferred to another restaurant (McDo, where I ate fried food too; ugh).



I’m one of the few people who dread the coming of Valentine’s day.

1) Chocolates are overpriced
2) Too much traffic
3) Restaurants and Moviehouses are fully booked
4) Couples everywhere

It doesn’t help that the weather has been a bit cold these days. Also, I’m into my ninth year of being amazingly single. Sometimes, I ponder about my fate but at this age, I’m slowly accepting the fact that I might be ending up alone in this life.

I saw a “Win A Date with a local celebrity” contest on Facebook. The mechanics are simple – you just have to download an app, post a screenshot that you downloaded it in the comments section of the Facebook post, and share the post.

I’m hoping that I win, but the day is almost over and they haven’t announced a winner yet. So I feel that the contest was a hoax and that there is a pre-selected winner already. Too bad. They were offering a date with this gay celebrity.


But I’ve already met and hugged this guy. I was actually after the Free Dinner. Hahaha.

And then again, having been single for such a long time – I already forgot how to behave during dates. What would I do if I win this? i would definitely leave the office early, prepare, and look presentable. I wish there’d be media coverage for my #Famewhore tendencies. I’d love it if I can get at least a kiss on the cheek. Hahah. I’m daydreaming already. Lol.

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