Gay Weekend

I met up with an old friend (actually, a couple of old friends) last night. Yuri works in Dubai and Eycee is from Quezon City. It’s a funny story how we’ve met, there was a time in my life that I wanted to be a model. I have a photographer friend who does open shoots, and the vain person in me attended some of those. I think I’ve already posted something about that before.

Eycee is now a single mom and has been very busy with her events work, and Yuri, well he’s away. We’re not really the type of friends who know very private stuff about each other, but it still is great to catch up. Oh, Yuri and I were a bit close ‘coz he used to tell me his problems – oftentimes about the guys he was with – and then there was also a phase in our lives wherein we hangout and go out partying on Friday nights. Lol. Those were the days.

We had a light dinner at Chilli’s Greenbelt, just to have something in our stomach before we drink the night away lol.

We had the sampler for the appetizers – this one had onion rings, texas cheese poppers, chicken crispers, wings over buffalo and southwestern egg rolls

We also had Alfredo pasta topped with seared shrimp (yumyum).

Chilli’s is a good restaurant for large group dining; but I didn’t think that they’d also be perfect for a small group. The food was good, serving was generous, and the staff was polite and accommodating. I give it a 4/5


#Food #Foodie #Foodporn #Dayrefatties

We ended the night and began the next day inside this newly opened bar in Bonifacio Global City, the Nectar nightclub. This is a very GAY FRIENDLY bar, that the toilets are common – they don’t discriminate, you are free to choose where you want to do your “business”.

That night, the bar was packed coz it was also the birthday Prince Stefan – an openly gay actor here in the PH. I haven’t been in a club for such a long time that I didn’t know what the scene was anymore.

I must say this isn’t really a place for me anymore. Maybe I’ve grown old already, or maybe because everywhere I look, the guys are all the same – all muscled and bulked and I know in my heart that I am not from that specie. I’m just happy living #abelsgaylife (search for that hashtag on Instagram lol) that I have no time for gym and getting fit lol.

The bar also has go-go boys – you know, the ones who dance with little clothes on. Of course, I’m a nice person so I’ll show it to you #Nsfw tho

There. I hope no one asks me to take down this video.

Must you be offended by barely clothed men – I tell you now, DON’T WATCH IT.

#gay #Lgbt

Speaking of NSFW, I just saw this today. Boy, Anastasia Steele’s tits looked hard as steel in this movie lol. I wonder if these actors felt anything while doing those sex scenes. They were really into it, and I felt that I was watching porn. Never really read the book coz everyone else was into it. And it’s not like BDSM is new to me. Not that I practice, it’s just that I’ve read so much about weird sex fetishes from FHM. Oh well, still a must watch πŸ™‚



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