FOOD : Ryu

Last night, I tried this Ramen place at the SM condo near our place. SM (leading chain of malls in the PH) nowadays has created condos with “mini malls” downstairs, and since everywhere is a walking distance for me (despite the dangers of walking at night),I agreed to meet my co-volunteers here haha.

That’s too much intro, lol.

RYU is a Japanese restaurant that combines two of Japan’s most familiar dishes – ramen and curry. It’s a bit cold in the PH, so I decided to try their Ramen.

I tried the Miso Butter Corn Ramen. Their menu says that this is a Hokkaido specialty, a special ramen with miso-bases broth and sautéed vegetables, ground pork and topped with golden corn kernels and a special butter mix.

I am not an expert with ramens, but this one tastes good. The flavors were strong and the serving was HUGE. I would say this is a 4.5/5.


#Ramen #Food #foodie #Foodporn #DayreFatties

It was also great catching up with these guys. It’s one of the nice things I gained from
Volunteering, I was able to widen my network and make new friends – those who wouldn’t really be in your normal circle. These guys are both in the medical field (and in case you don’t know yet, I’m in the banking and finance industry lol).


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