The New Normal

I heard Gunshots

I was already asleep before 11pm; but I woke up at half past 12 because I needed to pee (for some reason, I felt it). And you know I am having trouble sleeping if I stayed up late.. So I decided to play some mobile games and check videos/articles on the net.

Then suddenly..

Yes. I heard four to five gunshots, and then, there was complete silence. Afterwards, I heard two more shots but they seemed to be coming from a different place, possibly a bit farther than the first ones.

Although part of me felt that it something’s not right, I dismissed the thought and continued my browsing spree. Until someone replied to this tweet with this photo:


And I thought I was living in one of the safest neighborhoods in Makati. And I thought that the danger of policemen killing people in the name of drugs would be very far from where I stay. But this is just a block away. I walk down that street EVERYDAY. You can even see my favorite neighborhood restaurant, Satinka Naturals, in the background. I just had a haircut in the adjacent building a couple of weeks ago.

I know this shit is considered normal in other parts of the Metro, but having it near your place – where you’re supposed to be comfortable and safe – just rattles you. These streets are no longer safe.

There was no chase – we would’ve heard it: The night’s silence was broken by the gunshots. Upon checking twitter for people who might’ve witnessed what happened, I found out that the guy was begging the policeman not to shoot him.. He was just dragged to the ground and was shot.

The guy was begging for his life – if he did anything wrong, the police could’ve just arrested him and put him to jail. HE WAS NOT FIGHTING BACK, he was lying face down asking them not to shoot him. And may I remind you that it was a busy street – even at this ungodly hour, there are establishments still open and I would assume a street vendor was sitting underneath that lamp post. What a nightmare it would’ve been to witness that scene. Ugh.

I know this is too dramatic, but these fcking streets would never feel safe anymore. How can I live here, knowing that at any moment, someone might just grab me, blame me for something and kill me on the spot??
Why have we come this far?

I hate the drug problem, but I hate what they are doing. No one has the right to take another person’s life. It’s that simple. And too bad, our president and his policemen do not realize it.

It is Purge, the Philippine version.


I’ve read on the news that the guy was just “severely injured” and that they were suspects on a spa robbery. Still, I do not think it gives the police a license to shoot someone who is already surrendering. Ugh. What twisted lives they have.

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