Tonight, I will make you hungry.

So I’ve written about my upset stomach a few days ago and I believe the culprit was the oyster I ate during my birthday buffet last January 22. Aside from that, the team gave me a gelato birthday cake on the 23rd, which I also devoured with much gusto.

I believe the mix was the cause of my tummy problem. Also, it was my first time eating oyster so my intestines must’ve not recognized the foreign object that entered it. Lol.

But do you think my situation hindered me from eating? Hell no.

Here are some of the restaurants I went to during my birthday week:

Sunnies CafΓ©


Owned by the people behind the Sunnies store – Georgina Wilson of Asia’s Next Top Model – the cafe is in the middle of Bonifacio High Street.

The photo above shows a portion of the interiors. They serve a variety of food choices, and they claim to be the go-to place for the new generation. They serve brunch to dinner, coffee to cocktails; promising to deliver comfort food with a twist.

Roasted Bone Marrow Rice Bowl – sous vide hanger steak rice with bone marrow omelette

I’m not a fan of beef, so I didn’t try it✌🏼😊

Sunnies Risotto – grana padano cheese, risotto, caramelized bacon, sous vide egg and homemade gravy

This one was super creamy, it tasted like carbonara with rice.

Steak Lime Salad – sous vide hanger steak, 65 degree egg, mixed greens, crispy shallots and cilantro aioli

Chicken and pancake – country style fried chicken, buttermilk ricotta pancake, truffled sunny side up egg and maple syrup.

Probably one of the best tasting chicken skin I’ve ever tried

Pan Seared Miso Salmon – miso glazed salmon, simple salad and scallion brown rice

This was really good. I saw one person eating it and I asked the staff to give me the same thing haha.

Me and my friends – see the place is really cozy. You could tell that the people who dine at the restaurants were really those who know which places are the “happening” ones. I saw a group of cute guys who were really my type lol.

With my trusted friend, Geli

And the cute guy I was talking about (with a photobomber)

You might be wondering how I ask people for photos- well, it’s a mix of charm and thick-faced confidence.

As for the restaurant, I’d give it a 4/5


La Lola


I’m not really a fan of churros – I feel that these are just overpriced bread sticks.

But when I saw the dip – omg, okay, let’s go get some. I’m a sucker for anything that’s chocolatey – and yes, even if I had stomach problems, I did not waste the chance to go and buy some.

Another 4/5 for me.


#DayreFatties #food #foodie #Foodporn

Vikings Luxury Buffet – SM BF

This buffet restaurant has many branches in the Metro, but the one that we went to was in SM BF homes ParaΓ±aque. It was the CNY weekend and my friend went home from Singapore, and my other college friends came from the province. This was the closest to them, plus it’s not frequented by people (unlike the one in Mall of Asia). I reserved two weeks in advance for these:

The “signature glasses shot”

Upon entering, you will be greeted by these desserts


Salad ingredients

And more desserts πŸ˜‹πŸ˜

They have a very nice toilet so I had no qualms in eating as many as I can – despite my horrible stomach problem. Well, of course I stayed away from food that might aggravate my condition (raw, oysters, etc). But I did take photos of the food I consumed – in case I might need to blame something later haha

First – the MISO SOUP 😍

Then some lovely appetizers

Make your own pasta – i mixed pesto, garlic and parmesan

Pretending to be healthy salad and nachos (unhealthy) lol

Dimsums and Shrimp – see I was taking these “in moderation”. Normally, my plates would be so full, you’d think I haven’t eaten for years

Even if I was scared that these might do more harm than good, I still tried – the chocolate truffle is to die for.

And they were going around with that big standee for those who were celebrating their birthdays

The gang

And of course, I wouldn’t miss the chance to have a photo op with a cute guy #Gay #Flirt

And we were all happy! Overall, I’d give this a perfect score – everyone was friendly, even the ops manager (who turns out to be a “kababayan” since he’s from the same province) made sure that we were served well. The food was great! There were so many things that I would’ve tried – especially the fried ones – but I needed to control my appetite.


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