sick woes

After a week of upset stomach – loose bowel movement followed by a bit of constipation – I managed to bring my lazy ass to the hospital for a check up.

The doctor interviewed me and pressed on my tummy, and then ordered me to get some tests done (actually just a couple of blood extractions and stool collection). Times like these, I am thankful that I have an HMO. Consultation fee for doctors are at P900 and those tests I had were P3000!!

It is really hard to get sick in the Philippines – one because it’s expensive (I guess it’s the same case as in any other part of the world) and two because of the long queue in these hospitals. Imagine, I went there before 9am (the doctor’s “schedule”) and I was already on number 10. And then, the doctor came at around 10am. He’s an hour behind schedule – but I noticed that this was a regular practice in this hospital. I don’t know why they do that, but I guess it’s because they’re “needed”

so that gives them a license to make the patients wait. And this is also one of the reason why I’d rather go straight to the ER, at least it’s faster there lol.

I was called a few minutes past 11 (gawd, the struggle is real). I took half of the day off – it was against my will though. And I have to go back on Friday to inquire about the test results. That means, I will have to endure this again.

Anyway, I was prescribed some meds

And boy, were they expensive.

Now, I had a choice – I could buy these, or I could get the generic drug, some of which were half the price of the original one! I chose the latter. Hopefully, I won’t pay the price of choosing a cheaper medicine. I do hope it’ll work.

I saved more or less P300.

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