Love Unrequited

Unrequited Love

We are two hearts that can never be one. I would think of you as that great love – the kind that lasts no matter what, not asking for anything in return and gives me hope when everything else fails. And you would think of me as that friend who loves you more than he loves himself, who is capable of giving you the love that you think you deserve, the one you wished you didn’t hurt. We could have been perfect together. But we are not – life does not always give us perfection.

Or maybe it does, it just gives us the will to choose the best perfection. Or maybe it’s fate that decides what should and should not be, and who we should be with. Or maybe it’s us. We choose where we could be happy. Or maybe, we just choose what could make the other persob happy. Oh the tangled webs we weave, the mysteries of our lives, the questions we leave unanswered… And still, we are facing this sad reality – that we are two hearts that could never be one.

#Love #Emo #DayreLove

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