The CNY flirt

Hallo everyone and Happy New Year to all those who are celebrating CNY!

The photo above was taken from the New Year countdown (last night) at the Red Light District of Makati. And if you ask me what I was doing there – well….

Haha. My friends and I had dinner somewhere near the area and I heard the sound of a dragon dance – so I rushed there because I wanted to watch. I’m not sure if it’s true, but they say it’s good luck.

And I know that there will always be cuties doing the dance, and I am not wrong. Lol.

He’s a straight guy though.

But the kid looks good, and when we left after taking these photos, I had a change of heart and went back and stayed till the fireworks were lit.

I stayed to look for him too. Lol.


Okay. Enough about that. Haha.

I was just happy I started the CNY (even though I’m not Chinese) in a happy mood.

Except for the fact that My stomach has been acting up since Tuesday. Diarrhea has been coming and going – and I have a feeling that this might be amebiasis (I used to have that back in ’08). I think that this was triggered when I ate oysters last Sunday. If this continues till Tuesday, I’ll go see a doctor. But I hope it isn’t something serious.

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