The Day I Was Cyberbullied

Last night, I was cyberbullied by a group of fantards and it was hella scary.

I watched this movie (cheap chick rom com) that starred Angeline Quinto – a ‘singing contest’ winner turned actress and Jake Cuenca – underwear model/actor. I wanted to LOL because the last time I watched an Angeline movie, it was really funny; I laughed so hard my seatmate had to transfer seats just to not hear me.

Anyway, this movie also featured newcomers / ex-big brother housemates and loveteam Tommy and Miho (Tomiho).

The Philippine edition of Big Brother is actually a celebrity search already and all the housemates are supposed to be goodlooking, sometimes with the exception of one or two for comic relief. This Tomiho couple was really popular and people loved them – I guess for being “real” inside the house. Of course, the network saw this opportunity and used the loveteam to milk more money from the fanbase.

However, both of them weren’t really born to act. They were so bad, I cringed everytime the girl talked. There was even a scene – with no purpose whatsoever – that was inserted in the movie just to please the fans.


And so, being the beyotch that I am, I tweeted a couple of things – one, about the terrible acting; that they almost ruined the film and two, a question asking where they picked these people (well, duh, I know).

A few minutes after – my Twitter went wild.



Insults were thrown at me – ranging from how Ugly I looked to how bitter I was



Someone even wished for me to be found inside one of those body bags (like the Extra Judicial Killing victims in the Philippines)



I was stumped!

How barbaric and savage these people were! I just tweeted an opinion and they all ganged up on me. Okay, I might be a bit straightforward but that doesn’t mean I should be treated that way (by people I don’t even know – hiding under fan accounts).

The first thing that came to mind was that I should protect all my social media accounts, change usernames and deactivate if necessary.

They treat these celebrities as gods and that they were supposed to be perfect. If anyone thinks otherwise, they would gang up on the person, insult him and shut him up if possible. That is just for a celebrity loveteam – who is not even that famous. Just imagine how it would be if you do the same to a more popular person- the president, for example.

I did not retaliate. I don’t want to mess with these kinds of crazy. But I reported everyone of these accounts to Twitter.

There was a genuine threat and a death wish – how could one even bear to think ill of another? Ugh. It’s one aspect of technology that brings us to the dark ages and it is scary to think that it is considered normal.

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