Birthday Eve

Did volunteering duties today with my batchmates!

I found it cool that on the eve of my
Birthday, I was able to help a number of people thru HIV counseling and of course sharing my advocacy with them. Somehow, I feel that I did the right thing in choosing this organization and spending a (day before a) special day with them.

Again, there are a lot of stories and everytime there is always something new that I learn from my clients. Every case is different and mostly there are surprises.

I guess I’ve already mastered the art of the poker face so as not to be surprised by the somewhat shocking revelations that the clients have.


I talked to my volunteer friends and we all realized that despite there being a lot of drama from other members and a lot of crazy stories that haunt the dark corners of this organization, we are (so far) happy with what we are doing; and only if we are challenged or wronged shall we leave.

In other news


I was supposed to go home to the province today. I was supposed to celebrate my birthday back home. But for some reason I feel that I am escaping a possible drama scenario with my mom and brother. Brother is getting married this March and they were asking me to be the Best Man for the wedding. Okay, I may sound like a bad brother but I said NO. It’s because 1) I don’t want to be part of something that I think my brother and his would be wife aren’t really ready for

2) I am really uncomfortable with the idea that the first born would be the best man for the second child. I feel that this should be someone younger

And 3) I do not even know my brother’s girlfriend. I haven’t even met her yet, not even aware of how their story began.

It could be my fault since I’m mostly absent in their daily lives, but I just don’t feel like doing this for them. And I think that my brother feels bad about it and of course I’m guilty. But hey, this is his wedding

He should be responsible enough to choose the right person for the role lol. Also, I do not want – and I absolutely repulse the idea of – people telling me that I would be the next in line, or worse asking me when I would get married.

PEOPLE. Get a fckin life. I am gay and as long as there’s no GAY marriage in the Philippines, I will never get married. EVER.

#Lgbt #Gay

The wedding thing caused my family to (I think) forget my birthday, so I guess I’m spending it alone tomorrow.

I will then heed @thesolobackpacker ‘s advice and have a fabulous day On My Own. Who cares anyway, right? 😋😜

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