Just downed a can of beer. I have a very low tolerance for alcohol and I feel my head is spinning now. Doesn’t help that I’m listening to Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

You know what, I realize this is a deadly combo – birthday in solitude + insomnia. Gawd. Aside from my birthday wish, I also want an 8 hours sleep everyday. It’s such a rare commodity nowadays – especially with a smartphone at the palm of your hands. It’s my fault. I could’ve just left it on the bedside table, but no.

I have nothing planned today so let’s just see where it takes me. As of now, I would try to sleep 🙂


Oh fudge. They remembered.

But now I’m too sleepy to drag myself out of the bed and go home. Ugh. Stupid decision to drink last night. And then I’ll be wasting a good half of my day traveling 😩

What a bummer. Oh well. Let’s just get outta here.


I am now regretting that I went home. It’s because I don’t get to celebrate my birthday the way I would’ve wanted it to. Well, I’d rather be out eating somewhere but my “very thoughtful” brother and his fiancée decided to cook something for the celebration. Under normal circumstances, I would find it very sweet – but I know for a fact that he was trying to get me as his Best Man. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if this grand scheme was part of a plan that my mom concocted.

I mean – knowing my family – they think that I’m a goldmine or something and if they sweet talked their way to me, they would be able to get what they want.

But no. Never. I’m sorry for thinking these thoughts- but I was trained to be a skeptic. Any nice gesture towards me – I would think that there is a vested interest; especially if it’s one of my family members. We’re not really a close-knit family. And these things are unusual – even for birthdays.


I guess I don’t have any way to go out and party today. I was practically a bum on my birthday haha. Weird, but at least I don’t get to spend too much.

I just watched KDramas (Goblin, Legend of the Blue Sea) and the first episode of A Series of Unfortunate Events.


A friend told me that having nothing to do but rest on your birthday is a gift in itself. That’s a great way to look at it – that I am being prepped for a beautiful year ahead. Now I’m lying in bed and about to watch another episode of Legends before I sleep. It wasn’t a productive day for a restless person like me; but at least it’s a deviation from my daily routine. And that alone makes it special.

It’s a happy birthday after all 🙂

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