your problem, not mine

So last night, I stood up for myself. I refused not to be treated like crap by a friend who does not even know how to respect me. I met this person sixteen years ago, and I would not deny that back then – I could be considered as a loose cannon. I was a college kid with a blurry future ahead – I was enjoying my independence and I wasn’t really doing anything good.

I guess this person has not moved on from that, that every single time he talks to me, it’s like he’s talking to a lowlife.

I’m like, okay – you know my past, you know who I was, who I used to be – but that does not give you the license to treat me like crap. I mean, as friends, the least I would ask is for you to respect me.

He was the person who doubted me when I joined The Loveyourself organization to volunteer. I don’t blame him, especially if he still thinks that I’m the same person he knew back then. But damn. It has been 16 long years and i think I have already matured or grown up.

So our organization has a benefit show next month and I’ve been posting invites on Facebook since December. This person sent me a message asking why I did not invite him. I was like – dude, it’s all over my page. But being the nice friend that I was, I did not say that. Instead, I asked nicely if they would want to watch and that they can place reservations through me. However, this reservation needs to be paid within 5 working days (or 10% within 3 days). The payment shall be deposited to

A bank account. Since they were my friends (2 people made reservations), I agreed that I would just personally get the money from them. And then they said – since I’m their friend, couldn’t I just vouch for them so that they would pay on a later date.

That’s it. First, this isn’t my personal event. It’s an organization led event and all proceeds go to the org. Second, I was just doing them a favor – the primary mode of payment was thru bank deposit.

And I don’t know about you but I feel that this is again some form of belittling me. So I channeled my inner bitch and gave one hell of a rant on Twitter – because I know they can read my tweets.

And Now this person is being nice to me.


It’s my birthday on Saturday but I don’t have anything planned. My age will no longer appear on the Gregorian calendar and I feel that this is a milestone, but then, I don’t even know if my family remembers it – so I dunno if I should go home or not. If not, then I’ll be all alone in the city – with absolutely nothing to do.

I’m thinking of traveling but the budget doesn’t permit me to do so. A staycation would be fine, but alone – it’s kinda sad.

I guess I’d just go home and see what the family has in store for me. They’re quite busy nowadays coz my brother impregnated his girlfriend and they’re about to get married this March – so yes, this whole brouhaha overshadowed my birthday. I’m not mad, though. Mom’s excited to have her first grandchild, but she isn’t prepared for an instant wedding – they were thinking of getting married after the girl gives birth, but her parents insisted on the wedding. Kind of unwise decision (for me)

They could’ve set aside the wedding money for the childbirth and other pregnancy related expenses (hello, milk is very expensive).

Oh well. I didn’t voice this out to them because the last time I went against family decisions – there was too much drama; and I don’t want any of these at the start of the year. As long as they don’t bother me, I’m fine with whatever they wanna do.


Just three days prior to my birthday and I think of childhood memories – of things I used to do when I was a kid, of the junk food I used to eat, of the places that were just dreams to me before.

Maybe it’s because I’m freaking alone in this newly discovered computer shop that has 200mpbs wifi – with lotsa Koreans hahha.

Has anyone seen A Series of Unfortunate Events? I downloaded the whole season and was thinking of watching it this weekend.

Buffet Season

A lot of restaurants in the Metro are offering free buffet for birthday celebrants – provided there will be at least one (or more) paying adults. It’s a pity that I can’t get anyone to go to any buffet with me. Ugh.

Except on Sunday! Luckily my officemates thought of that, and we agreed that yes – we need to spoil ourselves with FOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD. I miss posting about what I eat. Haha.

Soon. 🙂

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