Let me take you to a journey to my college days.. Here are a few short compositions that I made, but were never really shared. These were entries in my old journal 🙂

Maybe this year, I should start writing things like these again.


Smooth, fine form
skin like silk
feather on my fingertips.
Linger, in this moment so fine,
caress, make every move divine.
The epitome of beauty,
a paradise to the eyes.
Words are never en0ugh.
Leave us all in awe.
Make us feel heaven on earth.
Sweet angel, aesthetic delight.
Only you are not mine.


it hurts… So bad…
I had to let go
and stop.
I chose to love you again
though I Know i shouldn’t
i tried to hide the pain
but i can’t.
Love is sweeter the second time around?
I would always remember how i wanted you back…
But i will never forget how I Ended giving up…


for the ubiquitous combustion
of a relentless remorse
is the only answer to the idle heart
that wants and longs for another.

I sought for the reflection of the shadow
and found no rationale for soliluquy
beneath the spinning chaos of your mind
lies the fortress of my unceasing love

however,these words still make no sense
when affection is not returned
i weep with bitter tears and regret
a love that is not mine to hold….

free call

‘who’s this?’
‘it’s me….’
‘r u stil mad’
‘pls answer’
‘i d0nt know’
‘i dunno what 2 say’
‘i really do’
‘that’s all i wanna know’

Haha. Sorry. I was such an #emo college student.

And sometimes, I don’t even remember why or how I came up with these things. Most of my friends come to me and tell me their problems, I guess it was a way for me to let it out. Sometimes, I’d put myself in another person’s shoes and then ask what would I feel if I were this person and if this thing happens to me?

So crazy. Haha.

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